About Me

Rebecca Sinclair
 25 ...  born on New Years Eve!
North-East UK
Freelance Makeup Artist
Semi-permanent lash extension technician 
In a relationship (+2 years going strong)
Obsessed with makeup, beauty, fashion
Celebrity autobiographies

I'm currently using a Sony cybershot camera and my iPhone to take pictures for my blog. 


  1. You seem like such a sweetheart! You should add New York to your list of places to visit next! (and Short Hills mall in NJ if you love shopping :) )

    And no worries.. I loooove going tanning! I know they all say it's awful and terrible for you, but there's 345345 other things that I could be doing that are far worse. Plus, I think I look a lot healthier with a glow than when I don't! :)

    <3 Sasha

  2. thanks Sasha :), i'd love to go to New York too.. not sure why I didn't put it on there! x

  3. I remember you from Specktra days! So glad you are back to blogging! xx


I appreciate all comments :)

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