Thursday, 9 July 2015


(prom and party makeup - recent work by me)

Hey everyone!  I've been super super busy recently... there's been quite a lot going on in my little bubble which is why I've been lacking blog posts.  I literally have 20+ posts in draft ready to blog but just haven't had the time.

So the first thing that's happened is David and I have got ourselves a flat which is our first 'home'... we did want a house but we have decided to do that next year.  The second thing is I've started renting a room in a local hair salon where I work on all my clients, I still do the odd mobile job (mainly for Weddings)... I was really skeptical about renting the room at first as I'd never paid rent for anything before and was really worried incase it didn't work out as well as I hoped, thinking clients wouldn't want to travel but boy was I wrong! ... I've totally tripled my client base, I'm pretty much full every week and can pick my own days off which is perfect for me.  I've been a professional makeup artist now for over two years and love what I do.  I'm also a lash technician and the highest qualified lash tech in the area where I live which is such an achievement, I have so many regulars for my lashes and always get comments on how good they are.  I also do the odd spray tanning job and brow waxing and tinting which aren't my fave things to do but I offer them as extras.

We have had our flat for 2 months now and I've also been in my little room in the salon for 2 months...  everything happened so quick!  But they always say good things come to those who wait :)

I've been jam packed with proms the past few weeks and a few weddings so I seriously haven't had any time to myself or any time to post on here.  I haven't forgot about my blog!!  Really sorry to all my regular readers, I promise there will be plenty more to come very soon :)  Just need to get prom and wedding season out the way and I can get back into blog mode.

Hope you're all having a great summer x


  1. You are doing fab at the minute Becky! I love lauras eyes on here too!!
    Jennie Emma


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