Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Makeup sponges seem to be really popular nowadays and with the likes of top makeup artist and plenty of online beauty gurus using them, it's easy to get sucked into the hype of wanting one.  With so many brands offering makeup sponges, it's hard to decide which one to go for... the most popular and well-known sponge has to be the Beauty Blender which is egg shaped, has a pointed tip and originally only available in pink but now comes in a range of colours.  The second most talked about makeup sponge is probably the Real Techniques one which is orange and quite oddly shaped but is much more affordable.

I've been a proud owner of both sponges for over two years now and have finally made up my mind which one is my favourite...  after trying and testing both for so long I've realised that the Beauty Blender ticks all the right boxes and is a winner for me.  The reason being is that it gives that perfect airbrushed look and it blends perfectly.  Don't get me wrong, the Real Techniques sponge is brilliant too but both materials of sponge are slightly different and I just find that the Beauty Blender sponge works amazingly well and is better quality.  I also find that it's easier to clean and looks brand new when washed, whereas the Real Techniques sponge still looks a bit dirty no matter how many times you wash it and it changes shape slightly.

They both expand when wet but I find that the Beauty Blender expands the quickest and is larger than the Real Techniques one.  Both of them do hold water very well and are super lightweight but I think the Real Techniques sponge can sometimes feel a little bit 'soggy.'  Even though I prefer the Beauty Blender, I own both the pink and white version and I find that the pink one is still the best... the white one doesn't seem to expand as good as the pink.

I got my pink Beauty Blender from Sephora, Las Vegas back in 2013.  I purchased the white version from a professional makeup site (camera ready cosmetics) and my Real Techniques sponge is from Boots.


The first time I purchased these MAC #35 lashes I was around 18 years old and wore them almost everyday until they were no longer wearable.  They are very Kim Kardashian style and make the eyes stand out more even if you don't put on any eyeshadow or liner.  This particular style provides eye-opening fullness towards the centre of the eye as the lashes are longer in the middle and shorter on the ends.
In natural light it looks like these lashes have a mix of both black and brown strands of lashes which is different compared to your normal glossy black (cheap looking) false lashes.
They are quite long so I can't wear these with my glasses which is a shame.  They can also be stacked with other lashes to create an even thicker look.
Love these lashes so so much!!
MAC lashes are £10.50 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Like I've said in previous posts, I've never really been a huge fan of Benefit products simply because I find the packaging to be aimed at teens.  I do however, love their Boi-ing concealer and High-brow highlighter pencil and I've now branched out to their Fake Up concealer.  The reason being, it's meant to be perfect for the under eye area to brighten and conceal so I decided to make a purchase to see if it lived up to its claims.
I ordered the concealer off the Debenhams website as I still had some money left over on a gift card I got at Christmas so the concealer didn't cost me that much which is a bonus.  The delivery was extremely fast which is what I love about Debenhams, it arrived within two days.

So onto the concealer itself... well I opted for shade 'Light' as recommended by another makeup artist, she said she uses it under clients eyes to lighten and brighten especially for the more mature ladies.  Once it arrived I tried it on myself a couple of times before adding it to my kit... I was really pleased with how well it brightened my under eye area without looking too much (some lighter concealers can make you look too drag queeny but not this!).
It includes a moisturising ring of vitamin E and apple seed extract around the outside of the concealer which helps hydrate the eye area.  Gliding onto the under-eye area so easily, it looks even better once set with a powder such as Laura Mercier' Secret Brightening Powder.  It lasts all day once set with this specific powder and is perfect for older ladies who have dryer eyes with wrinkles.  I find that it feels silky smooth and is extremely light-weight which is perfect for those who like to wear makeup but still feel like they have nothing on the skin.

There's nothing I don't like and I highly recommend this amazing concealer from Benefit, I know for a fine fact I'll be picking up the medium shade next time!  Thanks again Benebabes....


I'm really gutted to have wasted money on this L'Oreal mascara because it just doesn't do anything for my lashes.  I got it from Superdrug when they had a 3 for 2 offer and I wanted to give a new mascara a go, after loving the L'Oreal Telescopic I had high expectations for this False Lash Architect mascara.  Fibre mascaras aren't really something I go for but considering it was L'Oreal I thought it would be a decent mascara, boy was I wrong!
It makes my lashes look clumpy but sparse, I'm just gutted I wasted £10+ on this but at least I know not to ever buy it again.  I'll be sticking to my Telescopic or Benefit Roller Lash in the future... AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE LADIES!


This is yet another makeup item I purchased in Vegas back in 2013 at Sephora, I've finally decided to blog about it because it bloody deserves a post!  Kat Von D has an amazing collection and I love the colour pay off of these eyeshadows, I decided to pick the 'Ladybird' palette because of the interesting mix of cool and warm tones.

First of all the packaging is so pretty, it's unique and I love that it's metal because it feels very sturdy.  I also love how it has a decent mirror inside which is great for on the go touch-ups.  It includes the Kat Von D eyeliner in 'Immortal Love' which is a lovely warm brown shade, perfect for my blonde haired, blue-eyed clients.  All of the shadows are matte which I prefer and they are so blend-able and extremely buttery soft.
So here we have the cooler shades of the palette:  Fur Elise which is a purple/burgundy, Vespertine is a light peach (perfect for all over the lid), Renholder is a grey/brown and Siouxsie-sioux a navy with greyish undertone.  My faves out of these are definitely Vespertine and Renholder as they are both perfect for over the lid and Renholder is a fab crease colour for smokey eyes.
The warmer shades of the palette are neutral and perfect for day-time looks.  We have:  Unrequited which is a muted peach-orange, Harlow a warm toned medium brown, Wolf another warm toned brown but on the chocolatey side then lastly my favourite Cleopatra which I absolutely love because it's the perfect matte, burnt orange shade and is great for warming up the crease of a black smokey eye.

The only fault I have to pick with this palette is the fact it doesn't include an eyeshadow brush.  I think for such an expensive brand, it should include a decent eyeshadow brush instead of the eyeliner but I can't complain too much since the eyeshadows are all perfect and matte.  I would most certainly buy more of the Kat Von D palettes because of the quality of them...

Friday, 8 May 2015


This foundation is raved about sooo much and even though it's very pricey compared to other brands, I ended up buying two shades with my pro membership discount.  I was unsure of what shade to get but after asking around most said a 6 or 6.5 would be ideal for my NC25 skin.  I opted for 6.5 then an 8.5 for days when I'm more tanned.

I've been using 6.5 for the past week and I'm seriously in love with it... it gives amazing coverage but still looks like skin and gives off a subtle glow and satin effect.  I've also used this foundation on a few clients and love how it looks as it's great for more skin types and the fact that it's so easy to work with without having to blend for ages is a huge plus.  You can build up more layers for extra coverage, I need about 2-3 layers as I do have some acne scarring on my cheeks and it covers them perfect with a couple of layers without the need for any concealer.

For reference, I do have quite oily skin so I do need to touch up with powder every couple of hours just to keep it looking perfect which I don't mind doing... this product is amazing for photography too and I will possibly buy more shades and use it as my bridal foundation for clients.
MAC Prep + Prime Base
Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation '6.5'
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 'NW15' under eyes
Chanel Bronze De Soleil
MAC MSF Natural 'Medium Dark'
MAC Power Blush 'Harmony' to contour lightly
MAC MSF Natural 'Deep Dark' to bronze the skin
MAC MSF 'Lightscapade' to highlight cheekbones
MAC Powder Blush 'Rosy Outlook' lightly dusted on apples of cheeks

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 'NC20' to prime lids
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows in:  'Cocoa Bear, Frappe, Mocha' on the lid all blended
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in 'Corrupt' blended on outer edge up into crease
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in 'Shimma Shimma' to highlight tear duct and brow bone
Inglot gel liner in '77'
Smashbox Eyeshadows in 'Rustic and Oxidise' on lower lash line
MAC #35 lashes (love these!)

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade 'Chocolate'
MAC Pro Longwear Brow Set 'Bold Brunette'

MAC Lip Liner Pencil 'Vino'
MAC Lipstick 'Diva'

Thursday, 7 May 2015


I've done it again... hauled some more MAC goodies - I NEEDED them so there's no need for me to feel guilty.  I also took these pictures with my new Glamcor lamp which is amazing by the way - still getting to grips with how to take decent pictures though, I really want a DSLR camera at some point this year and hopefully I'll start a YouTube channel.  Anyways heres what I got this time round...
After recently buying shade NC20 and using it pretty much nearly everyday since, I knew I had to buy more shades for my kit.  I opted for NW15 and NW25.  These are amazing for the under eye area and blend so easy, you do have to set with a powder though otherwise it will crease like crazy but once set with a powder it stays put all day.  I also like using these all over the lid as an eyeshadow primer.
I have the original brow gel which has a large brush and I find it to be too big to use on the brow area so when I realised this Pro Longwear version has a smaller brush I wanted to give it a go... I decided to get a more brunette shade as I'm currently dark haired and I've used it a couple of times already and love the way it makes my brows look a little more full and keeps the hairs in place.  I will buy more shades to add to my kit as this will be another great addition to use on all clients.
I've been trying to get my hands on this shade for months now but it's always been sold out.  As soon as it was back in stock recently I made sure to add it to my basket.  It's a cool toned beige-brown shade which is perfect for contouring... I've been using it almost everyday as a light contour - it gives off that 'natural shadow' look rather than a heavy orange contour look.  This is fabulous for those with light-medium skin tones and can be used as a blush for those with darker skin tones. 

My all time favourite powder - this is my shade when I have a tan.  I've hit pan on my other one so needed to buy a new one ASAP before it was too late.  It gives off a natural finish to the skin without that awful cakey powdery look like most other powders do and it helps control oil.
I've wanted this for bloody ages but never really bothered buying it as it wasn't really an 'essential' but because I work on so many pale skinned beauties I needed to add this to my kit as the perfect highlight shade for my lighter skinned clients.  It's very finely milled and gives a gorgeous iridescent glow to the cheekbones.  I really need to pick up a few more of these in other shades...
I haven't bought a lipglass in so long and after looking at swatches online I knew I had to get this beautiful shade.  It's quite a unique shade and has gold shimmer particles, it's the perfect bridal/prom/summer lipglass shade and I can't wait to use this in the summer season...
Last but not least, we have this gorgeous metallic rose gold pigment which is extremely pigmented.  This is a PRO product and what I love most about these pigments is the fact that they will last a lifetime.
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