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I decided to do a big(ish) MAC haul online this month to stock up on some items for my kit and a couple of treats for myself.  I wanted to try a new foundation as I had been using the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for quite some time and fancied a change for my makeup kit.  I decided on the Pro Longwear Foundation and it's meant to be good for both oily and dry skin types so it's perfect to have in my kit to use on clients.  I also wanted some new concealer as I only really use drugstore brands at the moment, I opted for the light concealer palette and one of the Pro Longwear Concealers which is loved by many makeup addicts.  There are plenty more goodies I purchased so keep on reading to find out what I bought!
I opted for three shades of this foundation all in NC tones to start off with.  The reason I went for NC is because I find most people suit this yellow/olive undertone better than pink, I find pink undertones can make the skin look quite 'dull' unless you have extremely fair skin.  MAC have done well with the packaging for this one as it already a pump unlike the Studio Fix Fluid where you have to buy the pump separate.  It's also less likely to 'flashback' in photos due to the low SPF, perfect for photography!  I went for shades NC15, NC25 and NC35, will soon be purchasing NC40 and maybe a few shades of Studio Sculpt foundation for clients who have very dry skin.  Even though I've only used this a couple of times on myself and clients, I'm already loving this foundation and I will do a review soon to let you know how it compares to Studio Fix Fluid.

After seeing plenty of positive reviews on this concealer I decided to add just the one to my basket, I was quite unsure of what shade to order so I went for NC20 (a shade lighter than my foundation) to use as an under eye concealer to highlight the area.  The consistency of the concealer is quite runny but it blends in so easily without leaving a cakey finish, the only downfall to this is the pump... it squirts out far too much product so you do have to be very careful with it.  So far so good with this concealer, it's very long lasting and blends with ease.  Will certainly be buying more shades to add to my kit as this was a treat for myself but I may opt for NW shades as these are more forgiving under the eye area to brighten.

I tend to need to use lighter shades of concealer on clients especially if they have fair skin and a lot of redness.  These little palettes are so convenient and even include two colour correcting shades as well as concealer.  It has all the shades you need for fair-light skin tones and I will most certainly be purchasing the medium palette next.
I've always been into lip liner but after the huge Kyle Jenner hype the addiction to lip liner is now out of control.  Everyone loves lip liner nowadays, it's so popular and you see a lot of young girls rocking the lip liner trend these days which is cool to see.  I chose a dark shade in Vino and then two nude shades in Whirl and Spice to add to my nude lip liner collection.  They all match perfectly to the lipsticks I purchased at the same time as you can see in the picture...

Just look at how stunning Diva lipstick is, such a gorgeous dark berry shade which can be built up to a deeper colour on the lips.  In the centre we have Mehr which was a random last minute add to the basket and is a pretty everyday pink AKA 'your lips but better' kind of shade.  Lastly we have the infamous Velvet Teddy which is known to be Kyle Jenner's lipstick of choice to help create a poutier lip.  I'm so pleased with each of these lipstick choices, they are all so wearable and great for any skin tone.
I have been after Naked Lunch eyeshadow for ages now, I always lusted after it whenever I saw it on the counter... the way it glistened under the store lights just looked amazing.  I honestly don't know why it took me so long to get it but now I finally have it.  
Expensive Pink is a beautiful golden shimmery pink shade which I will use on a lot of prom and bridal looks this year.
Deep Damson is a new-ish berry shade and it's totally matte which is perfect for a smokey eye or even blending into the crease.
The bottom right eyeshadow is from Makeup Geek in the shade Cupcake which is such a gorgeous pink shade.
The pink shade blush in the name of Rosy Outlook is highly recommended by Jaclyn Hill and she mentioned in one of her youtube videos how she uses this shade on most brides for makeup. 
Sunbasque is a very bronzy, sunkissed shade and can be used as a bronzer or as a blush.  I suppose you could even use it as an eyeshadow.

I remember getting a sample of this primer quite a while ago and fell in love with this consistency of it, I loved how well it glided on to the skin but still sank in nicely without leaving a greasy silicone feel like most primers.  The full size version comes in a pump bottle and is perfect to have in my kit because it's good for most skin types and helps makeup last that little bit longer.
I've needed a sharpener to sharpen my large pencils for quite some time but never got round to buying one, I opted for this dual sharpener from MAC because it's great to have in my kit as it's handy to sharpen all sized pencils.

I have purchased three MAC 217 brushes in my lifetime purely because it's my most favourite blending brush in the world.  I know that the MAC 224 is probably the next top blending brush so I decided to treat myself to it and I'm extremely pleased with how well it blends as it's extremely fluffy and softens harsh edges effortlessly.

So that was my recent haul from my favourite makeup brand... I can smell another haul coming soon as I've got my eye on more things, addicted much?

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