Wednesday, 22 April 2015


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Ever get sick and tired of washing and blowdrying your hair almost everyday?  Well nowadays we all have the option to save more time by using dry shampoo.  I remember roughly 5 years ago the brand Batiste released one of the very first dry shampoo's and I used to buy one every couple of months.  More brands have now expanded their range by releasing their own version of dry shampoo and it's now an essential part of any female hair care routine as it's so quick and easy to use... just spray and you're good to go!

I came across this new one from the Herbal Essences range which is one of my favourite affordable hair care brands.  After reading the label and realising it has 0% parabens and colourants, I decided to make a purchase to see how it compared to my beloved Batiste.
For the past month I've been trialling this dry shampoo and I must say it's definitely a winner!  It's very similar to the Batiste but I think it's slightly better as it smells very fresh and citrusy without the overpowering powdery smell other brands tend to have.  The packaging is really simple and 'clean' looking and it's a skinnier size compared to Batiste so it's easier to fit into your handbag.

I would highly recommend this dry shampoo, check out the benefits below to see why...

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Dry Shampoo with 0% Paraben, 0% Colourant.
  • 1st day fresh feel, with a crisp scent of citrus and mint.
  • Transforms lifeless hair in an instant, without water or rinsing, as the natural tapioca absorbs excess oil and gives tresses the lift, movement and texture you’re looking for.
  • Locks are left with bounce, volume and a just-styled look for days with the scent of crisp mint.
  • Use in-between Herbal Essences shampoos.
  • For naturally soft hair - get naked!
  • Discover the Clearly Naked shampoo & conditioner collection: Moisture (herbal mint fusion extracts), Volume (grapefruit and mint extracts), Shine (white tea and mint extracts), Dry Shampoo (with natural tapioca).

Buy it from Boots for £2.99 // for 180ml which isn't as big as the Batiste range but you only need to use a small amount of product in your roots.

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