Sunday, 26 April 2015


I randomly swatched this Bourjois eyeshadow in Superdrug recently and was amazed at how beautiful and sparkly it was.  '03 Sand Rose' is a total bridal/prom shade and will look good on most skin tones.  I'd describe is as a soft, pastel peach with champagne/gold sparkles that catch the light perfectly.  I'm so excited to try this out on the girls I have booked in for prom soon, it's not dramatic in the slightest but will make the eyes pop and look gorgeous on younger girls.

The texture is buttery soft, however I can imagine there to be some fall-out of the sparkles when applied to the lid but you could always use a wet brush to apply for a more intense, long-lasting finish.  The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are just unreal!  One swipe on your finger and it's true to colour... perfect!  

I bought this from Superdrug when they had a 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics... get it here for £6.99.


I've been giving my skin a good 'ole pampering lately by treating myself to a couple of luxury facials at a local salon and I also bought this Elemis gift set to keep my skin in tip top condition between facial appointments.  The facials I get are by Guinot; a french skincare brand, the facial I go for is called 'hydradermie' and includes a neck and shoulder massage.  It's described as a natural temporary face lift effect by lifting features through facial muscle stimulation.  It's sooo relaxing and I feel amazing every time I leave the salon, it's probably the best facial I've ever had.
Anyways, moving onto the goodies I purchased...
I've quite enjoyed using this facial wash, it has cutting edge technology and natural ingredients to gently resurface the upper layers of the skin to leave it primed to get the most out of your moisturiser.  It doesn't leave the skin dry unlike other facial washes do and it makes my skin feel fresh and super clean which is always a plus.  

I go through stages of adding toners into my skincare regime but found that most didn't really make a difference until this little guy came into my life.  Once I've removed my makeup on an evening with a cleanser, I then spray this toner onto a cotton pad and swipe it all around my face and neck... it's amazing how much dirt is left over even after you've thoroughly cleansed.  This has really helped keep blackheads at bay and my skin seems more clean and refreshed after each time I use it.  The amazing thing about it is that it will last a lifetime, I've used it every single evening for the past month and the bottle is still pretty much full!  You can even use it as a cooling facial spritzer which will be perfect for those hot summer days to cool your skin down and prevent skin from turning into a big oil slick.  I would most definitely repurchase this in a heart beat...
So many people have told me how good these capsules are and I was really looking forward to trying them, you get a weeks supply; seven day and seven evening capsules in a small pot.  The pink ones are for the day and have and the green ones are for the night time.  These capsules are known to be the ultimate anti-pollution solution containing age-defying anti-oxidants to refresh, nourish and distress the skin.  They are known to reduce visible signs of ageing which isn't something I suffer from but it's always good to prevent wrinkles before it's too late!  As this was a sample size and 7-day trial, I didn't really get a chance to see how well they truly work, I did enjoy using them especially the night capsules because my skin felt amazing the next morning and my makeup seemed to go on smoother which is always good.  I would probably buy the full sized version when I hit my 30's but for now I'll stick to my regular cleanse, tone and moisturise routine.

I'm really liking Elemis skincare, I also got a few sample sachets... I think my next Elemis purchase will be a moisturiser or the pro-collagen cleansing balm.

What are your fave Elemis products?

Thursday, 23 April 2015


I'm always on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking squeaky clean and shiny and Herbal Essences is one of those brands that never seems to let me down, I've tried pretty much their full range of products and always find that they do exactly what they say on the tin.
After having a mooch around my local Boots store recently, I noticed the new range from Herbal Essences and even better it was on a 3 for 2 offer.  The new 'Clearly Naked' collection is free from parabens, colourants and the shampoo contains no silicone whatsoever.  

There's three different types in the range:  Volume, Moisture and Shine.  I opted for the Volume shampoo and conditioner as I like to make sure my hair doesn't look flat and has some sort of 'lift' to it.  Both the shampoo and conditioner have grapefruit and mint extract which sounded really refreshing and I couldn't wait to try them both out.

I've been using both for the past month now and I'm really pleased with them... they smell so fresh and clean.  My hair feels clean with no product build up and it also feels super soft after each use.  I highly recommend this range to anyone who wants a straight forward, no fuss haircare range that doesn't cost a fortune.

Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight Volume Shampoo and Conditioner with 0% Silicone, 0% Paraben, 0% Colourant.
  • Cleanses your hair while restoring its natural body and leaving it touchably soft, full and lustrous.
  • Offers a Herbalicious energising and refreshing in and out of shower experience with zesty grapefruit, lemon and orange paired with crisp mint.
  • For naturally soft hair - get naked!

You can buy both the shampoo and conditioner from Boots.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


[excuse the awful chipped nail polish]

Ever get sick and tired of washing and blowdrying your hair almost everyday?  Well nowadays we all have the option to save more time by using dry shampoo.  I remember roughly 5 years ago the brand Batiste released one of the very first dry shampoo's and I used to buy one every couple of months.  More brands have now expanded their range by releasing their own version of dry shampoo and it's now an essential part of any female hair care routine as it's so quick and easy to use... just spray and you're good to go!

I came across this new one from the Herbal Essences range which is one of my favourite affordable hair care brands.  After reading the label and realising it has 0% parabens and colourants, I decided to make a purchase to see how it compared to my beloved Batiste.
For the past month I've been trialling this dry shampoo and I must say it's definitely a winner!  It's very similar to the Batiste but I think it's slightly better as it smells very fresh and citrusy without the overpowering powdery smell other brands tend to have.  The packaging is really simple and 'clean' looking and it's a skinnier size compared to Batiste so it's easier to fit into your handbag.

I would highly recommend this dry shampoo, check out the benefits below to see why...

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Dry Shampoo with 0% Paraben, 0% Colourant.
  • 1st day fresh feel, with a crisp scent of citrus and mint.
  • Transforms lifeless hair in an instant, without water or rinsing, as the natural tapioca absorbs excess oil and gives tresses the lift, movement and texture you’re looking for.
  • Locks are left with bounce, volume and a just-styled look for days with the scent of crisp mint.
  • Use in-between Herbal Essences shampoos.
  • For naturally soft hair - get naked!
  • Discover the Clearly Naked shampoo & conditioner collection: Moisture (herbal mint fusion extracts), Volume (grapefruit and mint extracts), Shine (white tea and mint extracts), Dry Shampoo (with natural tapioca).

Buy it from Boots for £2.99 // for 180ml which isn't as big as the Batiste range but you only need to use a small amount of product in your roots.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


I absolutely adore the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks.  The packaging is divine and so luxurious, any girl who's makeup mad would love to be gifted one (or two) of these!   After owning shade '#13 Peach Passion' for quite a while, it was time to add a new shade to my ever so small YSL collection.  After looking and drooling over swatches on google images for hours I finally decided to choose this beautiful pink shade '#29 Opera Rose'.
Now the shade on these pictures I took on my iPhone makes it look much brighter but in person it's more of a medium pink rather than a hot barbie pink.  It's very wearable and good for both during the day or evening makeup looks.
As you can see above, I'm wearing the lipstick and this is how the shade looks in person compared to the first picture.  It's a super girly pink and will suit most skin tones, especially those with a paler complexion. 
The consistency of the lipstick is extremely creamy, probably one of the creamiest lipsticks on the market.  It glides onto the lips effortlessly and it's so weightless, you feel like you're wearing a lip balm and not an opaque lipstick.  You only need one layer to get the full opaque shade but you could also apply a couple of layers to build it up a bit more but it's not totally necessary.
Just to let you know, it's certainly not the most long lasting lipsticks in the world but you can still get a good 2-3 hours before it starts to wear off. 
If you have dry lips then this formula is perfect for you with it being so creamy and easy to apply. 
I purchased mine from Boots for £26.00 which is very pricey but it's totally worth it in my opinion.  Next on my list is a nice red shade...

Do you own a lipstick from YSL?

Saturday, 18 April 2015


I decided to do a big(ish) MAC haul online this month to stock up on some items for my kit and a couple of treats for myself.  I wanted to try a new foundation as I had been using the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for quite some time and fancied a change for my makeup kit.  I decided on the Pro Longwear Foundation and it's meant to be good for both oily and dry skin types so it's perfect to have in my kit to use on clients.  I also wanted some new concealer as I only really use drugstore brands at the moment, I opted for the light concealer palette and one of the Pro Longwear Concealers which is loved by many makeup addicts.  There are plenty more goodies I purchased so keep on reading to find out what I bought!
I opted for three shades of this foundation all in NC tones to start off with.  The reason I went for NC is because I find most people suit this yellow/olive undertone better than pink, I find pink undertones can make the skin look quite 'dull' unless you have extremely fair skin.  MAC have done well with the packaging for this one as it already a pump unlike the Studio Fix Fluid where you have to buy the pump separate.  It's also less likely to 'flashback' in photos due to the low SPF, perfect for photography!  I went for shades NC15, NC25 and NC35, will soon be purchasing NC40 and maybe a few shades of Studio Sculpt foundation for clients who have very dry skin.  Even though I've only used this a couple of times on myself and clients, I'm already loving this foundation and I will do a review soon to let you know how it compares to Studio Fix Fluid.

After seeing plenty of positive reviews on this concealer I decided to add just the one to my basket, I was quite unsure of what shade to order so I went for NC20 (a shade lighter than my foundation) to use as an under eye concealer to highlight the area.  The consistency of the concealer is quite runny but it blends in so easily without leaving a cakey finish, the only downfall to this is the pump... it squirts out far too much product so you do have to be very careful with it.  So far so good with this concealer, it's very long lasting and blends with ease.  Will certainly be buying more shades to add to my kit as this was a treat for myself but I may opt for NW shades as these are more forgiving under the eye area to brighten.

I tend to need to use lighter shades of concealer on clients especially if they have fair skin and a lot of redness.  These little palettes are so convenient and even include two colour correcting shades as well as concealer.  It has all the shades you need for fair-light skin tones and I will most certainly be purchasing the medium palette next.
I've always been into lip liner but after the huge Kyle Jenner hype the addiction to lip liner is now out of control.  Everyone loves lip liner nowadays, it's so popular and you see a lot of young girls rocking the lip liner trend these days which is cool to see.  I chose a dark shade in Vino and then two nude shades in Whirl and Spice to add to my nude lip liner collection.  They all match perfectly to the lipsticks I purchased at the same time as you can see in the picture...

Just look at how stunning Diva lipstick is, such a gorgeous dark berry shade which can be built up to a deeper colour on the lips.  In the centre we have Mehr which was a random last minute add to the basket and is a pretty everyday pink AKA 'your lips but better' kind of shade.  Lastly we have the infamous Velvet Teddy which is known to be Kyle Jenner's lipstick of choice to help create a poutier lip.  I'm so pleased with each of these lipstick choices, they are all so wearable and great for any skin tone.
I have been after Naked Lunch eyeshadow for ages now, I always lusted after it whenever I saw it on the counter... the way it glistened under the store lights just looked amazing.  I honestly don't know why it took me so long to get it but now I finally have it.  
Expensive Pink is a beautiful golden shimmery pink shade which I will use on a lot of prom and bridal looks this year.
Deep Damson is a new-ish berry shade and it's totally matte which is perfect for a smokey eye or even blending into the crease.
The bottom right eyeshadow is from Makeup Geek in the shade Cupcake which is such a gorgeous pink shade.
The pink shade blush in the name of Rosy Outlook is highly recommended by Jaclyn Hill and she mentioned in one of her youtube videos how she uses this shade on most brides for makeup. 
Sunbasque is a very bronzy, sunkissed shade and can be used as a bronzer or as a blush.  I suppose you could even use it as an eyeshadow.

I remember getting a sample of this primer quite a while ago and fell in love with this consistency of it, I loved how well it glided on to the skin but still sank in nicely without leaving a greasy silicone feel like most primers.  The full size version comes in a pump bottle and is perfect to have in my kit because it's good for most skin types and helps makeup last that little bit longer.
I've needed a sharpener to sharpen my large pencils for quite some time but never got round to buying one, I opted for this dual sharpener from MAC because it's great to have in my kit as it's handy to sharpen all sized pencils.

I have purchased three MAC 217 brushes in my lifetime purely because it's my most favourite blending brush in the world.  I know that the MAC 224 is probably the next top blending brush so I decided to treat myself to it and I'm extremely pleased with how well it blends as it's extremely fluffy and softens harsh edges effortlessly.

So that was my recent haul from my favourite makeup brand... I can smell another haul coming soon as I've got my eye on more things, addicted much?

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Ever wondered how the celebs get that golden goddess finish to their cheekbones?  Well this product from Chanel aka SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL is used by many top makeup artists who use it on plenty of celebs and supermodels to give them that beautiful golden glow.  I've had this bronzer on my makeup wishlist for quite some time now (possibly 3 years?) but only recently decided to splash out and treat myself... and boy am I glad I did!!!  The packaging, the size and the consistency of the product is just so perfect and luxurious, it's one of those 'it' products every girl should own.
You get 30g worth of product which will last nearly a lifetime... I use this on myself and for my makeup kit on clients because it's so versatile and can be used on most skin types.  
So what do I love about this bronzer?  well, I find that the product blends effortlessly into the skin, leaving no harsh edges or that dreaded 'too much contour' look which is quite dramatic and over the top.  This is perfect for bridal makeup as it leaves a soft bronzy glow to the skin without the need for orange toned powders that can look muddy and ruin the whole look.  Even though it's more on the 'orange' toned side rather than a grey contour shade, it still looks fabulous on.
You can see below how natural yet glowy the bronzer is blended into the skin.  
This is actually meant to be a makeup base but I truly believe it's just a bronzer.  I suppose it would be ok as a makeup base if you have fake tan on your body but not your face and need to darken your face but in all honesty, it may look a little orange.  
I find this 'bronzer' to be perfect for those with fair skin tones as it's so natural but still gives a subtle bronzed finish.  It's very build-able so you can make it deeper, even with a few layers it's still quite subtle and doesn't look cakey or anything which is one of the great benefits of this product.  You can never apply too much.

I've been using this on almost every single client recently and even on myself on days where I don't want a heavy contoured look to the skin.  I tend to use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which you can buy from Boots for £9.99.  It picks up the product with ease and helps blend into the skin like a dream.  You could also use your fingers but I prefer to use a brush for hygiene reasons.

Have you tried this beautiful product by Chanel?
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