Tuesday, 31 March 2015


When I went to Cancun back in December, I picked up these gorgeous perfumes from the Victoria's Secret store.  Unfortunately, the store was rubbish because it only sold beauty products and had only a small selection of underwear (no bras!)... I was planning on buying some clothing from the PINK range and some nice underwear sets but obviously couldn't so I ended up just getting these girly goodies...
First up we have the infamous Bombshell perfume which is probably Victoria's Secret most popular scent, it's extremely popular in the blogging world with so many reviews (positive of course), I was meant to pick this up when I was in Las Vegas back in 2013 but had my eye on other things in the store so Bombshell had to wait.  Once I was home from Vegas I kept seeing raves about this perfume and was totally kicking myself in the teeth for not buying it so as soon as I had another chance, I bought it without hesitation.
It's fruity and floral with notes of purple passion fruit, peony and vanilla orchid.  Perfect for during the day as it's really fresh, clean and feminine.  I highly recommend this perfume for any girly girl who loves floral, fresh scents...if you're after one from Victoria's Secret then totally give this a try!  I can definitely see why it's so popular.
Lately I've been obsessed with buying the matching body lotion whenever I buy a new perfume because I find it makes the scent smell much stronger and last for hours on end without having to spray more throughout the day.  I popped the matching Bombshell body lotion into my basket to go perfectly with my new perfume and it smells exactly like the fragrance.
This body lotion is totally moisturising and helps the scent of the perfume last all day without any need for a re-spray and I like the pump bottle to avoid spillage.  Even though the perfume is an Eau De Parfum, this lotion really boosts the smell and avoids wasting perfume so in the long run it will last longer.
Next up we have Fearless which is one of Victoria's Secret newest perfumes, the retail assistant explained to me how you get a free tote bag if you purchase the full size perfume or gift set.  I gave it a sniff and was sold, it totally reminds me of Lancome Hypnose, a very sexy musky scent which I love.  I opted for the gift set because it already included the body lotion which I'd of ended up buying anyway and you also get the matching shower gel and a travel sized version of the perfume (handy to throw in your clutch bag for the evening).
I must admit the perfume bottle looks abit cheap and tacky but the smell makes up for the tacky packaging design.  I do honestly adore this smell, it's perfect for both day and evening... it's described on the website as a floral perfume with hints of black current and iris.
Here's the free tote I got with Fearless, they had about 4 different options but I chose the black because it will go well with any outfit and I love the studded crystal design.  The black is also less likely to get dirty and the bag itself is huge so it can fit plenty of things in, it's even handy for a weekend away bag or beach bag.

What's your favourite Victoria's Secret perfume?

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