Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I purchased these lashes from Eldora last year after seeing loads of amazing makeup artists use them and bloggers mentioning them in blogs and on Instagram.  I randomly found them on Ebay for really cheap so thought why not? ... These were the only two styles available so I got one of each.
B168 - These are quite dramatic and the band is very thick so I do kinda struggle to apply these, I prefer lashes with a thin band as they go on easier and quicker.  Other than the band being too thick, the style is gorgeous.  I've worn them once and they are still in tip top condition... you can probably get away with reusing these about 15-20 times.
H150 - These ones are less dramatic and the band is much thinner, these are my faves out of the two and they can be used for the day time to give a soft 'doll eyed' look.  I love the lengths vary to give a flirty feel, these can also be reused plenty of times if looked after correctly.

I really want to try more lashes from Eldora, they're really good quality lashes, the packaging is vibrant and they're great value for money.  I'm dying to try some of their 'multi-layered' lashes... I'll have to make a purchase very soon!

You can buy Eldora lashes from their official website here... prices vary and a pro discount is available for makeup artists.


I appreciate all comments :)

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