Monday, 16 March 2015


I didn't complete week 3 until a week later as I was run down with the flu and was stuck in bed for 4 days of week 3.  I could barely eat and was so fragile, there was no way I could of completed any form of exercise so I made sure to be sensible and get plenty of rest so I could recover.  I will be starting Personal Training this week so week 4 will probably be a big loss of inches which I'm looking forward to.
Total Rounds:  I managed to do 9 rounds x4.
Weight:  lost 3.5lbs
ARMS 0.5 inch
THIGHS  no loss
BUST no loss
WAIST 0.5 inch

HIPS 1 inch
Total = 2 inches

I think my loss of 3.5lbs is due to being poorly the week before as I didn't eat too much, but I'm happy with my loss of 2 inches especially on my hips.  I purchased some walking weights from Primark the other week which are 1lb each and cost £2.50 per weight.  £5.00 for a set is fab considering the PowerGloves that Charlotte uses are around £18.00 on Amazon.  I used the weights for every session in week 3 and could feel my arms aching the next day after each session.  Like I mentioned above, I'll be starting personal training this week (tomorrow) starting off with 1 session per week and working up to 2 so hopefully get to my goal before the warmer season kicks in. 

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