Monday, 2 February 2015


Inglot is a brand I've never really bothered buying into purely because I've always been a MAC kinda girl and the fact that I've never been to an Inglot counter, it's hard for me to tell if the quality is good enough.  Fast forward to 2015 I took the plunge and ordered a couple of bits after coming across a few girls on Instagram who work for Inglot in Ireland... their makeup looks absolutely flawless on their pictures and I love how they list what products they've used.

I only wanted to get a couple of items for my first order so the first item I opted for was the #77 gel liner which is very popular with makeup artists.  The reason why it's so popular is simply because it's a perfect matte black whereas most gel liners have that shiny look.  It glides on with ease and you get double the amount of product compared to the likes of MAC.
 I knew I wanted to get some eyeshadows so after having a long browse and checking swatches on google images I went for #373 which is a pure matte white and #407 which is a beautiful coral shade with gold iridescence running through it.  I also picked one of the Freedom System eyeshadow palettes which fits two shadows and is magnetic, I think these are such a good idea and you can choose any size so you can custom build your own palette.
I find the prices of this brand to be pretty decent, they are cheaper than MAC and the quality and pigmentation is just as good.  I'll definitely be buying more eyeshadows and I want to give the lipsticks a go, I love how the eyeshadows are only £5 so it's great if you're wanting to build up your kit with lots of new shadows and the palettes are cheap too varying in price depending on the size.

You can purchase Inglot from their website.  Have you tried anything from this brand?

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