Tuesday, 24 February 2015


As a lover of the Jillian Michaels workouts and owning pretty much all of her DVD's, it's quite tough converting me to workout with someone new.
When I found out that Charlotte Crosby from MTV's Geordie Shore was bringing out a fitness DVD (just like her pal Vicky) I knew immediately that I could skip it and carry on working out with Miss Michaels, purely for the fact that I thought it would be gimmicky and very badly made.  Well boy was I wrong...
After the release and noticing that the 3 Minute Belly Blitz workout was Amazons number 1 seller in fitness I checked out the reviews and was also recommended this DVD by my best friend who already bought it and said it was really good.  The 5 star reviews really impressed me so I wanted to give it a go for myself and see if it really lived up to it's claims.
I ordered the DVD on Amazon which cost £12.99 with free delivery, it only took three working days to arrive and came on the Monday which was a great boost to start the DVD at the beginning of the week.
Every Monday I go to Bodypump class at my local gym so I decided not to bother with the DVD on this day incase I overworked my body.  Tuesday was the first day I tried it but not until later in the evening, I'd felt quite tired all day and just couldn't be bothered with any exercise not to mention my thighs and arms were aching from Bodypump the day before.  I knew I couldn't skip it so I pushed myself to give it a go and was sooo glad I did... I wore my usual gym attire which is a pair of lycra bottoms, a top, sports bra and my trusty Nike Thea's which feel like you're walking on air!
The workout has twelve high intensity rounds, I got myself through the warmup and the first six rounds for my first go which I was quite impressed with and felt really good afterwards.  Each round is three minutes long (hence the name of the DVD) which may not sound like much but each workout is high intensity so you're definitely burning fat and plenty of calories.  I do my own cool-down at the end of each workout to save me from messing about skipping forward to the cool-down section on the DVD.

Charlotte recommends you do this workout at least four times a week to get the benefits, I only managed to do it three times (six rounds each time) because I also done Bodypump class twice and went to Boogie Bounce class which is a very fast paced calorie burning workout on a mini trampoline.
For the first Two weeks I won't be using any weights, Charlotte and her trainer use weighted gloves to burn extra calories, I've looked online and they cost around £15 which isn't too bad so I may have to invest in a pair... you can also use water bottles of normal weights but I think the gloves would be more beneficial.

Total Rounds:  I did 6 rounds x3 days in my first week.  Here's my results below:

Weight:  lost 2.5lbs
ARMS 0.5 inch
THIGHS 0.5 inch
BUST 1.5 inch
WAIST 1 inch

HIPS 0.5 inch
Total inch loss = 4 inches

I totally love this DVD and I'm really glad I decided to purchase it, the music is upbeat and quite catchy and the workouts themselves are fast paced but really effective.  I'm pleased with my first week results too,  the DVD case says you can lose up to 5lbs per week but I'm already into fitness so my body is used to working out which means I won't lose as much as those just starting out which is fine.

You definitely need a good sports bra for this workout as there's lot's of jumping around and high impact moves so it's best to purchase one to fully support your boobs and to feel more comfortable.
You don't really have to wear shoes for this workout but I wear my Nike Thea trainers which are extremely comfortable and lightweight.

I'd highly recommend buying the weighted gloves as this will make a huge impact on your results and will help tone the arms more.
For you beginners out there, there's the beginner options for every workout so don't worry about being thrown right into the deep end if you're new to fitness, you can still do this DVD.  You also get a meal plan but I haven't bothered looking at it yet, I'm just eating what I want at the minute.

The only negative thing I have to say about this workout DVD is that there is far too much talking before each round.  It's good for them to show you the exact moves you'll be doing but there should be an option to turn these off once you're familiar with the rounds.  Other than that I cannot fault this DVD at all and I'm really excited to do week two...

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