Monday, 9 February 2015


As mentioned previously, I'm not really a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics.. yes I've purchased the odd couple of bits in the past and while some products were a hit, the rest were a complete miss.  I've steered well clear of their mascaras as I normally opt for the cheaper brands because I know that they deliver perfectly fine.. but it wasn't until recently after hearing so many positive reviews about their 'They're Real' mascara I was really thinking about buying it.  Did I buy it?  nope... only because I found out that Benefit were releasing a brand new mascara so I decided to just wait for more details on the newbie before making a purchase.

Word finally spread and the new mascara 'Roller Lash' was announced to the world and to be honest I wasn't too impressed.  I knew I could skip on this new mascara because it just didn't seem to look like it would give me the same amazing results what L'Oreal Telescopic gives me and is half the price.

I was then stumbling across a blog one day and noticed that the new Benefit Roller Lash mascara would be available as a free sample in February's Elle magazine, "why not?" I thought to myself... I hate buying those magazines because they cost a bloody fortune (£4.00 for 100's of adverts? nooo thanks!)  but paying £4.00 and receiving a sample of a Benefit mascara was really appealing and as soon as the magazine was released I popped over to my local Tesco and bought it.  I couldn't wait to get home to try out this new bad boy...
I don't know why but I seem to love the packaging for this mascara, it's very sleek but still looks 'fun' and I love the rose gold lid it just gives it something extra.  This sample size will probably last a couple of months too so it's definitely worth picking up the magazine and paying £4.00 for something that you'll get good use out of.  The original sized mascara has a pink lid which looks like a hair roller (very cute!) but I must say that I do prefer this rose gold version better.
The wand is quite similar to my beloved L'Oreal Telescopic which is one of my favourite mascaras in the world if you didn't already know.  It has a slight curve going on and the bristles are plastic which I like because it helps 'comb' through the lashes leaving them clump free.  It also has something called a 'hook 'n' roll' which is designed to catch each lash to lift and curl.

You can see below a picture of my eye with no mascara on... I have very fair lashes but they are long and I have lot's of them.  As soon as I apply mascara or get them tinted you can see how full they are and this mascara works wonders on my lashes as you can tell...
It really lifts them and gives them plenty of volume...  I did have a tiny bit of a clump as you can see but I only applied 2 thin coats, you can obviously build up more coats with this mascara but I wanted to show you how effortless it is with just a couple of layers.  Roller Lash leaves your lashes with a black glossy finish but the mascara isn't one of those wet ones, it dries easily but still gives you time to build up as many layers as you like without going lumpy and creating the dreaded spider leg effect.  The brush also gets right to those pesky little lashes that are usually missed with other mascara wands which is a bonus and it even works well for the bottom lashes without giving you panda eyes.

You'll also be pleased that this mascara is waterproof and contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, ingredients known for their lash conditioning benefits.
I'm so glad I gave this mascara a go and will certainly be making a full sized purchase in the very near future ;)


  1. This mascara looks awesome, I've read like 100 reviews and I'm getting more and more convinced.


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