Friday, 27 February 2015


If you didn't already know Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is one of the most talked about 'it' beauty products since it was released back in 2013.  With the likes of celebrities, top makeup artists and online beauty gurus using dip brow, you just know that it's performance has to be immaculate.
Dipbrow is described as a smudge-free, waterproof pomade formula that performs as an all-in-one brow product.  It works as a brow primer (Oooo fancy!), provides colour and is ideal for oily skin and in humid climates.

I recently coloured my hair dark brown so I wanted a new brow gel to match my new locks and as the proud owner of a MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in the shade 'Dirty Blonde', I was debating on getting a darker shade with my pro discount but then the positive reviews of Dipbrow had me sold.  
After seeing swatches of all the shades online, I ordered the Dipbrow Pomade in the shade 'Chocolate' from Cult Beauty for £15.00 and delivery was around £3.00 which is a little bit pricey but I knew it would be worth the investment.  It took two days to arrive which was surprisingly quick... I was really excited to see how it compared to my MAC one so I tested it out straight away.
The packaging is sleek and not too 'in your face' but it's packaged in a glass jar so be careful you don't drop it!
To apply the pomade, I used one of my slanted brow brushes from Crown (C158), working it into the product.  I noticed it glided very smoothly over the surface picking up just enough product on my brush without any overload.  I applied the pomade to my brows and straight away I was impressed to see how quickly it helped create that perfect brow and glided onto my brows effortlessly.  I'd say the consistency is pretty much the same as the MAC one but you get more product so it's 'more bang for your buck' (as our fellow Americans say)...
Everything about this product is excellent, I cannot speak more highly of it and would recommend it to everyone wanting to achieve a fully defined brow.  The formula is like velvet and it's so easy to work with so if you're a beginner then don't worry about trying this out... it's really effortless!
I must say that the only thing I'm not too keen on is the shade, it looks fine in the pot but once applied it looks extremely dark so I'll be investing in a lighter shade but will still keep 'Chocolate' for my kit.
May I also add that when I went shopping in Newcastle this week, I had compliments off three different makeup counter girls regarding my brows.  All of them said something along the lines of "your brows look amazing" and I told them I was wearing this.  I always get compliments on my brows but when it comes from another makeup artist then you know they look on 'fleek' as they all say now...
As you can see in the 'before and after' I tend to use less product at the front of the brow, this just makes it look more natural because I cringe when I see girls with full on block brows (urghhh!) it's just not a good look!  The Crown brush I use has a mascara spoolie on the end of the brush so I use that to blend everything and soften it out.
I absolutely love this product and can't wait to try more from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Have you tried this product yet?


  1. This product is a lifesaver! I've never had compliments on my brows until using this x


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