Monday, 5 January 2015


I couldn't thank Sleek enough for inventing these two amazing palettes of joy which have served great purpose in my everyday makeup routine and in my freelance kit.  I first purchased the 'light' palette as most of my clients including myself are fair skinned, so after checking out the swatches on other blogs and on google images (as you do) I opted for 'Light' and for £6.49 it was hard to resist at such a low price.
When it arrived I remember using it straight away and instantly fell in love with the highlighter which is a buttery soft, shimmery, highlight shade and can be used for cheekbones, tear-duct, brow bone, as an eyeshadow and above the cupids bow for the lips.  It's so versatile, it's very similar to MAC Vanilla pigment but in a solid form which is easier to use and won't spill.  
(L-R: Face form palette in Medium, Contour kit in Light)

After months of hammering the crap out of the Light contour kit and seeing a dent after using it so much, it was time to give the Medium shade a go.  I found the 'Face Form' palette on ebay (brand new of course) in the shade Medium for £8 so made a quick purchase and as soon as it arrived I quickly tested it out.  It's definitely darker but not too much of a dramatic difference if that makes sense... the highlighter shade is also stunning but will be perfect for those with more olive skin tones but is also perfect to use as an eyeshadow on any skin tone.  This palette comes with an extra shade which is a shimmery bronze, to be honest I've never really used this one but can imagine it being a favourite to use in the summer months when I want to achieve that bronze goddess glow.  Check out the close up swatches of each palette:
Thank you Sleek for making these fantastic palettes!  I highly recommend these palettes for contouring as they are very cheap and get the job done.  The quality of each powder is amazing and the packaging is very sturdy so you're less likely to have any breakage.  These palettes have travelled with me in my kit, been abroad with me and have also been dropped (by accident) and are still perfectly in tact.  So if you're looking for that perfect contour kit then Sleek is your brand!

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  1. I have both these! They are brilliant and such a good price too :-) xx


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