Monday, 19 January 2015


Here we have one of the 'Velvetine liquid to matte lip stains' from Lime Crime.  I wasn't too sure about buying this little beauty because I just couldn't justify buying another lip product but I found myself looking at the swatches online and couldn't resist... so I made the purchase and let's just say I didn't regret it one bit!
The shade is 'Utopia' and it's an amazingly pigmented magenta shade with long lasting wear, you only need one layer for it to look as opaque as the picture below.  When applied, the consistency is glossy then dries to a matte finish, it's easy to work with and it dries quite quickly.

You don't need to retouch up your lips when you use this which is a godsend for us beauty addicts, it's also a bitch to remove so make sure you use something oil based otherwise your lips will be stained!  I'm definitely buying the red shade next and kinda have my eye on 'Cashmere' but I don't think I'd wear it enough so debating whether or not if it's worth splashing the cash on.
You can purchase the Velvetines here for £13.50 a pop...
I'm really loving Lime Crime at the minute, do you own any of their products?


  1. Cool color :)

  2. Such a lovely color! I've been eying the red one.


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