Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I can't believe it's December already (even though I say this every month) ...I won't be posting very much as I'm off to Mexico tomorrow with my boyfriend David and won't be back until 19th December.  I'm really excited to jet away for two weeks in the sunshine, sipping on cocktails and getting a nice tan!  We're staying at the Riu Cancun which is a luxury 5 star resort right in the centre of everything.  I'll be taking my camera and phone to get tonnes of pictures so look out for the post when I get back in two weeks time :)

Moving on, Today was the last day of my 'pre holiday pamper'... who doesn't love a good old pamper before they go on holiday?  There's no need to spend a fortune on spa or salon treatments you can just do it all at home to save some money (for the airport duty free of course).
Monday was 'tint lashes and attempt to wax legs day' - I've never tinted my own lashes before so thought it would be a mess but it actually turned out decent.  A blue/black tint was used and I left the solution on for about 20 minutes then removed and was left with lovely dark lashes.  I then attempted to wax my legs, I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to do it yourself and prepped my legs with talc then let the wax heat up until it was a watery consistency.  I was really looking forward to waxing my own legs and making them very smooth but let me tell you now IT'S PAINFUL!  I have no idea how people can just casually go to a salon and get waxed, is it pain free if someone else does it?  I had three goes and couldn't bare the pain any longer so gave up.  I'll stick to my trusty Venus razor in the future thank you... I think I actually had brow sweat because the pain was that bad but at least I gave it a go 'ey?

Tuesday was 'teeth whitening and gel toes day' - My friend does teeth whitening, I've had them done off her before and was really pleased with the results so decided to get them done again for my jollys.  I first had them done around February and they lasted ages so I know they're definitely worth it.  It takes roughly an hour and you can see the results straight after, she only charges £40 for this and I know people who've paid hundreds at their dentist and their results weren't as good.  Whilst my teeth were getting whitened, she painted my toes with Shellac gel polish in a neon coral shade, perfect for holiday!

Finally, today was 'nails, HD brows and skin prep day' - I can't go on holiday without my nails done so I opted for a set of gel nails with nude Shellac painted on the top in the shade 'silk pyjamas'.  I got my brows HD'd from a girl who lives in my hometown and she's amazing at them, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my HD's, she also done my nails for me.  Lastly I had a nice warm bubble bath, shaved my legs (after failing the wax method), exfoliated my full body and washed my hair then relaxed for the rest of the evening waiting to be picked up at 3am to travel to Manchester airport.

So that was my little pamper for the week....I'll get back to blogging when I'm back from Mexico... bye for now!


  1. You are going to have an AMAZING time. I have been Cancun 3 times and looking to go again in April :o) xxx


  2. Love your nails they're gorgeous :') enjoy your holiday lovely xx | £100 Christmas Giveaway

  3. That's amazing holiday prep! I wish I was that organised!

  4. I assume you've arrived safely now so I hope you have a nice time! Your teeth look great and so do your brows, the transformation is so impressive and they looks so nice and full! x

    Kathryn from This Outlet


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