Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hola!  I'm back from Mexico and I had an amazing two weeks away with my boyfriend in Cancun.  The weather was brilliant and I got a decent little tan, we stayed at the Riu Cancun and we were all inclusive.  I'd definitely recommend Cancun and this hotel, there's something for everyone and it had a good mix of people (families, couples, young, old etc.).

On the third day we went out in the evening to watch the hotels entertainment, ended up getting a little drunk and I put my clutch bag down for literally 5 seconds and it was gone, my phone and camera were in there as well as some MAC makeup and money.  It was nowhere to be seen, I was gutted!  The next morning my boyfriend went to reception to see if it had been handed in and luckily it had but my camera and iPhone weren't there, I was so devastated!!  I'm still awaiting for the holiday insurance company to get back in touch with me and hopefully I'll get them replaced.  I feel so lost without a phone and I can't take pictures of my work when I do makeup jobs which is a bit shit. 

Other than that, we had an amazing time.  It doesn't even feel like Christmas/December but I'm looking forward to Christmas and then it's my birthday a week later (New Years Eve)... I'll be 25 years old.

I'll be drafting plenty of posts so when I eventually get a camera again I can just post them straight away, hopefully it's within the next couple of weeks.. fingers crossed!  

So that's my little update for you all, hope you're all having a festive season and looking forward to Christmas...

Bye for now...


  1. Glad you had a good holiday but sooo annoying about your bits going missing!
    Fingers crossed the insurance sort it out quickly :)

    Frankie Boo Blog

  2. Aw, hopefully they get replaced. Sorry that happened! :l
    Your tan looks beautiful!

  3. Thats such a shame about your bag! At least you didn't let in ruin your holiday.
    Happy belated birthday too :o) xx


I appreciate all comments :)

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