Tuesday, 18 November 2014


After months of being a brunette and wanting a good change but having no idea what colour to go, I finally took the plunge and got my hair Ombre'd.  Now ombre hair has been quite popular for the past couple of years but I was never really keen on it at first, my best friend got hers done quite a while ago and I started to gradually get used to it and it grew on me.  
At the beginning of this year I went fully blonde but I felt like it washed me out and my makeup didn't look as good so I put a light brown box dye on it and felt back to normal.  I'm naturally quite fair anyway but after being brunette for the past 4/5 years it's hard to go back blonde as I think being brunette makes you look more healthy and makes your skin look better.  I do envy girls who pull off blonde/bleached hair so well and have their makeup look immaculate so I thought i'd go for the ombre look as it won't be as harsh and if I don't like it I'll just let it grow out as you don't need to worry about getting roots redone every so often.
I got my hairdresser friend to come to my house and do it for me, the whole process took around two and a half hours but it was so worth it.  She started off by bleaching the bottom section of my hair then rinsed it off after around 20-30 minutes.  She then put the darker colour on the top of my head and I think a medium brown in the middle to blend into the blonde, left it on for another 30 minutes then rinsed again.  I also wanted a good trim as I hadn't had it cut in quite a while so she trimmed an inch or two off my hair but still kept the length as I love my hair long.  Throughout the whole process I couldn't see what she was doing as I wasn't sat in front of a mirror so I was really excited to see the final look.  Once she blowdried my hair I looked in the mirror and it looked much better than I expected, I was really pleased with it.  

The same evening I purchased some clip-in hair extensions from Lush Hair Extensions.  I only ever get this brand as they are good quality and very reasonably priced, I ended up picking the 'Dark Honey Blonde #16' as they looked like the closest match to the bottom section of my new hair colour.   I never buy from the actual Lush Hair website as it's more expensive than their shop on E-bay, I paid £34.99 in total for 20inch length here.  They only took three days to arrive and when they came I got them straight out of the packet to colour match against my natural hair and it was the perfect match! (Thank the lord)... I bought a cheap brown dye from Tesco and dyed the tops of the hair extensions to give the ombre effect, it was really easy to do.  If you wanna give it a go yourself then check out this video.  

I highly recommend ombre hair and will definitely continue to get it done (until I get bored again)...

Have you ever had ombre hair?


I appreciate all comments :)

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