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I get so many compliments on my brows
"I love your brows!"   "I wish I had your brows"   "I want your brow shape!"    "How did you get your brows like that?"    "Who does your brows?"    "What products do you use for your brows?" ...

Those are the main comments I get and even though lot's of girls love my brows I'm still not 100% happy with them.  There's always room for improvement as you all know and we always want what we can't have... I do take plenty of care with my brows and yes I was one of those 'over pluckers' back when I was at school (who wasn't?) but after years of growth, getting them HD'd and conditioning them with lot's of castor oil, my brows are in the best shape they've ever been in!

So, I guess you want to know how to get the WOW brow don't you? ... I cannot stress enough that your brows won't become perfect overnight, it takes a lot of time and effort to get them to grow and get them in a neat shape to suit your facial features.  I know what it's like to get all happy with the tweezers as I was addicted to plucking my brows when I was aged 13/14, of course you can still tweeze them but I only recommend to tweeze the strays and let your brows grow.

Now in my opinion, brow serums DO NOT WORK!  Please save your money, the best treatment for brow growth is natural products such as castor oil which is what I use pretty much every night before bed.  I just dip a clean disposable mascara wand into the castor oil, brush it through my brows by doing lot's of different motions (back and forth, up and down) and apply the rest onto my lashes so that they can get the benefit of the oil too.

I strongly recommend getting the HD Brow treatment (make sure the salon/beautician is on the official HD Salon Finder as there's so many people claiming that they do HD brows but aren't actually trained with the company).  I tend to get this treatment every 4-6 months just to keep my brows in perfect shape, if you've got sparse/thin brows then I'd recommend going through a 'growth programme' where you'll need to get them done more often so that they grow out and get a nice shape.  The treatment can be expensive but I'm very lucky because here in Teesside it's quite cheap (£15-£20) I know in some cities they can range from £30-£45.

For the period in between getting my brows HD'd, I wax them, tint them, thread them (slightly) and tweeze the stray hairs just to keep them in tip top condition.  It's very important that I have perfect brows for my job role especially when I wear heavy makeup looks, eyeshadows look so much better when there's a neat/clean brow and it's also nicer to look at.  I've only recently started waxing my own brows the past year as I'm qualified in eye treatments (wax, tint, lash extensions, cluster lashes) and I also done a threading course but not totally confident at doing them on clients just yet.  I prefer to wax rather than tweeze as the wax gets rid of the shortest, blondest hairs that I'd never be able to see if I was just using the tweezers.  It gives a very clean finish and makeup goes on much smoother which is always a plus!

You need to also trim your brows especially at the front (inner section).  You can see in the picture above where I've brushed up my brows at the front and trimmed them so they go in a perfect clean line without looking bushy.  This gives a nice natural look as I find harsh block colours at the front of brows are way too harsh and ruin the whole concept, try to stay light/natural at the front of the brow then get darker and more defined towards the middle/ends.

The below image shows you the perfect brow for every single face shape...
Once you have your perfect shape, your face will be framed so much nicer... there's nothing worse than someone with a gorgeous face with awful brows that ruin it.  Thick brows make you look younger too as they soften your features, so for you mature ladies out there get growin'!  Another thing... if you have a wide nose you can make it look more narrow by growing your brows at the front (or drawing/powdering/pencilling) which will give he illusion of a more defined nose.

What products do I use?
You already know I swear by Castor Oil - this is very hard to find in shops but easy to find online, I bought mine from Ebay a while ago for less than a fiver.

Tweezerman tweezers are the best - no questions asked!  You can get these from Boots, Superdrug etc. and they are totally worth the price so invest in your brows and get some of these bad boys.

I used to use a MAC matte brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows but since buying a HD Brow palette, I find the powder to glide on easier and has more pigmentation for the brows.

Sometimes I'll use MAC Brow Gel to set my brows if I'm going somewhere for the full day or if it's very humid, just to keep them in place and to stop the brow powder from fading.

I swear by Crown Brush C158 Angle Liner/Spoolie brush which costs only £2.99, how cheap?!  I own two of these... one for myself and one for my kit, it's THAT good.

So that's pretty much all I use on my brows - doesn't seem like much but once you have a decent shape and thickness there's no need to use tonnes of products on your brow area.

If you'd like to ask any questions or anything regarding brows or products mentioned in this post then feel free to leave a comment :)



  1. you do have a pair of stunning eyebrows!
    Blue Velvet

  2. I like your brows.

  3. Such great tips! - I think I am going to try some castor oil :))


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