Friday, 17 October 2014


Maybelline is one of those brands I will go to if I need an emergency product and I'm unable to travel out of town to the bigger shops that sell high end makeup.  I've been using Maybelline since I was a young teen and I remember when I first started wearing makeup at school I wore this god awful liquid foundation which was very oily, a pink maybelline blush and then I started to wear their Matte Mousse when that came out... looking back now I just think 'what on earth was I thinking?!' but we all make mistakes when it comes to fashion and makeup, in 5 years time I'll probably look back on pictures from today and think the same thing.

Nowadays, the drugstore makeup brands are up to scratch and their formulas are top notch you sometimes can't even tell the difference between drugstore and high-end.   I was having a little look around Boots the other week, they had a 3for2 offer on Maybelline so I picked up the following goodies...
Color Drama lipstick pencil in the shade '210 Keep it classy'
I swatched a few shades on my hand and loved the look of this one, I did like the look of the coral and nude shades but they didn't have any fresh ones left (I bloody hate it when every single product of the shade you want has been tested!).  They are very creamy and opaque but give a matte finish on the lips, when I got home and tried it I realised it's a dupe of Macs 'Rebel' lipstick, it looked totally different when I swatched it in store... damn you lighting!
This would be fab as a base for Rebel so in a way I'm glad I did buy it... next on my list are the coral and nude shades.
Matte Maker Mattifying Powder in '02 Nude Beige'
So this product I picked up a few months ago, I needed a powder that I can just throw in my bag and not get worried about whether it gets smashed up or not... I usually get the Rimmel powder but this one looked more matte so thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad I did!  It gives a flawless finish and absorbs oil really well, the shade is quite light so I tend to use it when I'm not too tanned so I think I'll get the next shade up next time.  Love it!
Go Colosal mascara in 'leather black'
After using the same L'oreal Telescopic mascara for around 6 months (URGHH I know...) I decided it was time for a new mascara.  I do LOVE the L'oreal Telescopic but I also like to give new ones a chance just to see if they're any good.  This one was on introductory offer (as well as the 3for2) and the leather black sounded cool.  It really separates lashes and gives them some volume whilst giving that glossy black look, I really like the brush on this.
Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 'black'
I was in desperate need of a new gel liner as my current one is pretty much drying up.  I've only ever tried MAC, Bobbi Brown and L'oreal for gel liners so decided to give this one a go after seeing the positive reviews online.  I've used it a couple of times already and it's absolutely BRILLIANT!  It's very black and dries quick, it's also very easy to work with and glides on like a dream.  I don't use the brush as I only like working with extremely thin liner brushes but it's handy to have as an emergency back up.

So that was my little Maybelline haul, let me know what your fave products are from the brand as I love hearing your recommendations...


  1. I love maybelline too and i really love the fit me concealer <3 it's a dupe for the nars radiant creamy concealer, you should try it out ^^

    1. I've heard!!! Will deffo add it to my wishlist xx

    2. I love the lipstick colour :)

  2. I really want to try those lip pencils!

  3. Oh wow, that mascara is amazing! Your eye lashes are lovely. Mine never stay curly even with a lash curler. Poo.

    Corinne x


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