Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I've had this brush set for months now but thought I would share it with you lot as it's such a lovely little set and an absolute bargain for the quality (Yes it looks a little bit dirty but I've used it tonnes because it's so fab!).
Crown is definitely one of my fave brush brands mainly because they are very affordable and will not break the bank... you can buy eye brushes for £2-£3 and they also do loads of different brush sets.  I decided to go with this HD set as it was only £29.99 and includes 6 brushes, a mixing palette and spatula (perfect for my kit), the black patent leather case that holds everything is very sleek and perfect for on the go too.
1.  Powder brush - extremely soft medium sized powder brush, perfect for applying powder to set makeup and bronzer.
2.  Foundation brush - this brush is perfect for applying foundation, I sometimes use it to blend cream blush as sometimes they can look a little harsh.
3.  Blush brush - I never use this for blush as it's very small so I use it to apply setting powder underneath the eyes to set concealer... It blends like a dream and isn't harsh for the under eye area.
4.  Blending crease brush - exactly what it says on the tin a brush for blending the crease... not as good as my trusty MAC 217 but it does the job.
5.  Oval Shadow brush - I use this to pack colour onto the lid, it's very soft and picks up the perfect amount of eyeshadow.
6.  Pointed liner - I don't bother using this as I tend to use my Real Techniques silicone liner brush but I know for a fact that it will come in handy one day for something...
Metal mixing palette and double ended spatula - I use this palette to mix different shades of foundation together and the spatula is fab for getting cream foundations out of their palette without using fingers.  Both of these come in very handy for my kit.

So there you have it, a lovely little bundle of joy for all you makeup lovers - You can buy the Crown HD brush set from their online store for just £29.99... go on treat yourself :)
(Pic from official Crown website)

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