Sunday, 31 August 2014


I haven't treat myself to a new perfume in absolutely AGES so decided that I'd treat myself to not one but two new scents for this months payday treat.  I went onto the Boots website and spotted the Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight perfume on offer here for just £29.66 (knocked down from £44.50.. BARGAIN!)  I've never had the chance to own any of the MJ perfumes but have sniffed a few of them in store and loved every single one of them so I just knew that this would nice.  I also noticed the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume on offer here for just £11.50 (from £23.00) which was also a nice bargain so added it to my basket, I had smelt this one before and thought it was very sweet like the Britney Spears perfumes which I love and thought it would be nice to wear during the day, the bottle is also really funky too!
The Nicki Minaj perfume smells very sweet with a hint of vanilla and a mix of fruit.  This is perfect for the day time and is also an Eau De Parfum 30ml size, if you don't know what Eau De Parfum means well basically it's a stronger perfume compared to the Eau De Toilette's which are more of a sheer fragrance like the Marc Jacobs perfume.  The MJ Daisy Delight is also another sweet scent and is perfect for the summer months, it's very light with a hint of apple.  I love both perfumes and both of the bottles are unique and will look pretty on my dresser.
How gorgeous is this bottle though?!  Love the flower design and the colours.
Some haircare items I purchased... 
The Kerastase product was on sale here for £13.65 which is quite cheap for this brand (normal price £19.50) and because I've been neglecting my hair quite a lot recently I decided it was time for a nice new product to try out.  It's a heat activated reconstructing milk and you use it just before you blow dry your hair, I have only used this once and it made my hair look thicker and felt really soft after I blow dried it.

I LOVE the Lee Stafford range in Boots and always pick up products when they are on the 3 for £12 offer so this time round I chose two of his new hair growth leave in treatment sprays and one of the treatment masks.  

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