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I have been nominated by Natasha from dollybirdglamxo for the Liebster Award on twitter... Thanks for the nomination lovely :)  (make sure you check out her amazing blog!).  Instead of going through my twitter/blog lovin' to choose my 11 nominations, I nominate everyone who looks at this post and has their own blog, questions are at the bottom :)

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the nominator asked you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Create 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer.
5. Contact your nominees too let them know that you have tagged them.
(unfortunately you cant nominate the person that nominated you)
Questions from Natasha...
1. Where does your inspiration come from?
- I love looking at other beauty/fashion blogs, I do wish I had more time to post on my own blog but I work a full time job and also have my freelance makeup business on the side so never really have much spare time.  I do read blogs regularly though and enjoy reading reviews and looking at peoples hauls.

2. Who/What encouraged you to start up your blog?
- I started blogging back in 2009 and loved writing about products and sharing my hauls.  I also spent hours sitting on my laptop reading other peoples blogs and getting ideas and inspiration from them.  I have a huge passion for beauty and makeup so writing about it and setting up my own blog was the best thing to do.  I now class blogging as one of my hobbies.

3. Name 'ONE' beauty related item you couldn't live without?
- thats an easy one... MASCARA!

4. On average how long does it take you to get ready?
- If it's for work during the day then I hardly wear any makeup.  Just mascara, a bit of foundation (if i have time) and lip balm.  Even though I'm a makeup artist and adore makeup, I don't have time to faff around every morning putting on a full face, my full time job is working in an office so don't really see the need and also feel like i'd be 'wasting' makeup if I did it everyday. 
For a night out or special occasion it will take me around 40-60 mins to get ready that includes having a shower, full face makeup, hair, getting outfit sorted and last minute prep.

5. Favourite beauty/fashion brand? Why do you love them?
- Beauty brand I absolutely love MAC because they constantly bring out new products and have an amazing colour range and also top quality makeup.  Fave fashion brand is River Island because it's quite reasonably priced and they have some amazing pieces which look better than what you see in the more expensive shops.

6. Whats your worst beauty habit?
- Picking at my cuticles, awful habit!

7. Who is your Celeb Makeup/Style icon and why?
- Well it definitely has to be Kim Kardashian, her makeup just looks flawless and perfect in every single picture.  I'm obsessed with the bright under eye concealer and contoured cheek look with defined brows and classic red lip.  Actually I love all the Kardashians makeup looks but Kim's is ALWAYS on point.

8. Where is your favourite place to shop? 
- I love Primark and River Island the most... MissGuided for online stuff and also Ebay for cool bargains.

9. Would you ever consider plastic surgery? if so what?
- Yes, I've already had my lips done although I probably wouldn't get them done again (I got them done for free check out the post here) I'd definitely consider Botox in the future as I have a frown line between my brows and hate it!  

10. 3 Random facts about yourself?
- I'd much rather have a weekend in than go out and get drunk (rewind 2 years ago and that would be the other way round)
- I have to check the DailyMail website on a daily basis, I love being nosy and seeing whats happening in the world and also perve on celebrity pictures to see what they've been up to.
 - I get bored of hair colours far too quickly.. currently dark brown (probably be a different colour in 4 weeks time)

11. What is your guilty pleasure? Can be anything..
- Chocolate!

My Questions 

1.  Tell me about your most embarrassing moment?

2.  If you could move to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

3.  If you could repurchase any lipstick in the world over and over, which one would it be and why?

4.  Who is your favourite actor/actress?

5.  What are your top 3 makeup items you constantly wear/repurchase?

6.  Tell me a random fact about yourself?

7.  If you could change one part of your body, what would it be and why?

8.  Name your all time fave song?

9.  If you were only to be able to read one blog in the world, which one would it be and why?

10.  Your all time fave perfume?

11.  Tell me what your 'perfect pamper night' would involve?

If you take part in this post don't forget to tag me and send me your links on Twitter so I can read your answers.


  1. loved reading your answers:) i'm the exact same changing my hair colour all the time! always seem to revert back to dark..

    1. tell me about it! haha I love being dark x


I appreciate all comments :)

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