Sunday, 22 June 2014


My recent trip to Boots resulted in purchasing these goodies... I only went in for deodorant, hair dye and tweezers but couldn't resist the £1.00 offer on the Cuticura hand gel (which smells divine by the way!) and then I spotted the Seventeen instant glow liquid and thought 'why not?' so put it in my basket.  I then remembered that I'd lost my nail polish remover somewhere in my bedroom (how is that even possible?) and found Boots own brand nail polish remover for just £1.00.
Before I knew it, my basket was getting more full by the minute so I quickly escorted myself to the tills to pay for the items before my basket ended up full to the brim...

So I bought my usual hair dye which I love the colour of and it was on offer for £4.00.  It's a mask and is really good because it's mess free and it conditions your hair nicely.  This colour is lovely as it really makes my blue eyes stand out and I prefer my hair to be a lighter brown rather than dark, especially in the summer season.

This deodorant is perfect, yes it may be expensive compared to other deodorants but it lasts pretty much all day without the need of a touch up.  It also smells very fresh and clean, leaving my arm pits totally dry without irritating them.  You can buy this from Boots and it's currently on offer here for just £4.30.

I love how these tweezers come with a little compact case to store them in so they don't go blunt and are also perfect for travelling. You can buy these tweezers here for just £12.50 which is a total bargain for a pair of Tweezermans as they really are the best on the market.

How gorgeous is this?! This glow liquid can be used to mix with your foundation, can be applied on the cheekbones for a bronze goddess finish or even put it on your body (legs, arms, chest)... You just pump out a couple of squirts and I can imagine this full tube lasting quite a while.You can buy it here for just £5.99!

Have you bought anything nice recently?


  1. Great haul chick! I really need to check out that seventeen highlighter as I'm quite the fan of their products:)


    1. its really fab! go and treat yourself xx


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