Monday, 26 May 2014


Did you know that, on average, we girls spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our locks? And so it's utterly hair-raising when we emerge from our daily shower or bath, to find no vague resemblance to the hair we had a few minutes before!
Well ladies, I'd like to introduce to you this pretty nifty little thing known as 'Save The Blow Dry' ... it may look like any old shower cap but it's an actual life saver at keeping your hair frizz-free and dry in the bath/shower...

Save The Blow Dry has a combination of a waterproof design with an internal layer of super-absorbent micro weave towelling, which zaps humidity and condensation, bathroom-proofing hair to leave it dry and bouncy (sounds amazing right?!) it even has a 100% guarantee that it's the best blow dry protection on the market and claims that it's big enough for the longest, thickest of hair.

It's such a cool little invention and you can even turn it inside out for when you're using hair treatments or masks to soak up all the goodness.  
I have used Save The Blow Dry a fair few times now and I must say that it has definitely lived up to it's claims and left my hair frizz-free and looking gorgeous.

Save The Blow Dry is available in two colours; teal or pink and costs £15.95 online

Have you tried Save The Blow Dry?

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