Wednesday, 7 May 2014


This Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX is a very well known product in the blogger/youtube beauty community and is a kit essential for most makeup artists.  It's raved about all over the internet and is a perfect base to bring out the intensity of any eyeshadow colour.

The shade is 'Milk' and for £5 it's a total must have for everyone who loves makeup as it's so affordable and is known to be better than some of the more expensive eyeshadow bases/primers on the market.  It's perfect to apply all over the lid when doing a neutral eye and applying a light coloured shadow on top and it's also amazing for making bright coloured shadows pop!

You can purchase this product from here or in some NEXT stores within the UK.  These Jumbo Eye Pencils are available in over 30 shades so you're bound to find at least one you love, for £5 you really can't go wrong at all!


  1. Hi beautiful,
    I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. aww thank you :) ill follow you back x

  2. Actually obsessed with these! I want every colour! X


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