Monday, 26 May 2014


I was kindly sent this product to test out and was quite looking forward to giving it a whirl.  I've used hair removal creams in the past from Veet and loved the outcome but the tubes don't last long and aren't exactly cheap to buy so I just stick to using my trusty Venus razors for getting rid of any hair on my legs or bikini area... oh and the arm pits of course! 

Apart from the hefty price tags and small packaging, I also find that hair removal creams leave an awful smell kind of like a mixture of rotten eggs and drainage problems.  

I tried out this NAD's sensitive hair removal creme and it had that same awful smell which lingers in your bathroom for the rest of the day (no matter how much air freshener you spray and how long you leave the window open)... other than that, the product does a good job at removing body hair.  I only tried it on my legs but the instructions on the back of the packaging tell you that the product has been designed for legs, arms, underarms and bikini line.
You get a small sponge which removes the cream and body hair easily, I did find that it was a bit too small and a larger size would be more convenient and probably less time consuming.  
My legs were super smooth but the regrowth time was exactly the same as if I'd just used a bog standard razor.

I won't be running out to purchase this product as the smell is very off putting and it's also hard to squeeze the product out of the tube because of it's odd shape... If i carry on shaving my legs with my Venus razor then I don't have to put up with an awful eggy drain smell or trying to squeeze something out of a tube and getting stressed.

If you would like to try this product, you can purchase it from Boots for a rather shocking £10.99

A big thumbs down from me!

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  1. Thanks for such an honest post. I'm not a big fan of hair removal cream - I can't tolerate the smell, and it doesn't last any longer than shaving so I don't really see the point.


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