Monday, 26 May 2014


I was kindly sent this product to test out and was quite looking forward to giving it a whirl.  I've used hair removal creams in the past from Veet and loved the outcome but the tubes don't last long and aren't exactly cheap to buy so I just stick to using my trusty Venus razors for getting rid of any hair on my legs or bikini area... oh and the arm pits of course! 

Apart from the hefty price tags and small packaging, I also find that hair removal creams leave an awful smell kind of like a mixture of rotten eggs and drainage problems.  

I tried out this NAD's sensitive hair removal creme and it had that same awful smell which lingers in your bathroom for the rest of the day (no matter how much air freshener you spray and how long you leave the window open)... other than that, the product does a good job at removing body hair.  I only tried it on my legs but the instructions on the back of the packaging tell you that the product has been designed for legs, arms, underarms and bikini line.
You get a small sponge which removes the cream and body hair easily, I did find that it was a bit too small and a larger size would be more convenient and probably less time consuming.  
My legs were super smooth but the regrowth time was exactly the same as if I'd just used a bog standard razor.

I won't be running out to purchase this product as the smell is very off putting and it's also hard to squeeze the product out of the tube because of it's odd shape... If i carry on shaving my legs with my Venus razor then I don't have to put up with an awful eggy drain smell or trying to squeeze something out of a tube and getting stressed.

If you would like to try this product, you can purchase it from Boots for a rather shocking £10.99

A big thumbs down from me!


Here's all the beauty related items I have recently purchased ... will do some reviews very soon :)
L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo and conditioner £2.99 each.  Heard so many good reviews on these, have used them twice and so far so good!

Batiste dry shampoo these were on offer in Superdrug for £2.47 each so I picked the tropical and blush scents as these are lovely and smell refreshing... these 400ml sizes will last me ages too.

Batiste XXL pumping powder also on offer in Superdrug... I like using this for nights out to keep my hair volumized.

Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner, these both smell of coconut and cocoa butter and make my hair feel sooo soft.
OLAY Complete Care Night Cream I lather this on every night and wake up with beautiful soft skin, this was around £4-£5 (half price in Boots) and it's one of the best moisturisers I've used and I've tried tonnes from high-end to cheap.

OLAY Cleansing Milk This is brilliant for cleansing the skin and removing makeup, doesn't dry out the skin or leave a greasy residue like some cleansers.

OLAY Refreshing Toner I love using this straight after I've cleansed, it removes the makeup that the cleanser couldn't remove.

OLAY Complete Care Day Fluid This is my everyday moisturiser, it never leaves my skin feeling oily and is perfect as a makeup base.  It also has SPF15 which is perfect for summer to protect skin from the sun.
ESSIE Rock Solid is an ultra-strength base coat, I have been using this for around 6 weeks now and can tell my nails feel less weak and brittle.  Perfect!

Femfresh Ultimate Care is an active fresh wash for your lady parts, you have to keep your foof fresh and clean ladies!  This was on offer in Superdrug for £1.73

Superdrug Metal Free Hair Bands I swear by these, they are perfect for tying your hair up and because they don't have any metal on them, they don't snag your hair and cause any damage.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Insant Tan BB After hearing some good reviews on this new instant self tanner I decided to pick some up when it was half price in Superdrug.  I was recommended to buy the 'light matte' shade as it's still super dark.  I haven't tried it yet but keep checking back for a review.

Garnier PureActive BB Cream This was an impulse buy and I'm so pleased I picked it up.  I don't like to wear heavy makeup during the day so putting this on gives the result of a sheer tinted moisturiser but it has so many benefits as it targets breakouts and blackheads. I picked up shade 'light' which should be 'medium' as it's quite dark, if you have fair skin then this would be far too dark for you which is a shame because it's such a good product.  I've been wearing this for work and my skin has been clear ever since wearing it.
Primark Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes two packs of face wipes for £1 is a complete bargain.  I don't like to use these on my face but they are good if I'm staying out for the night.  I have put the other pack in my makeup kit as they're perfect for my clients and spot cleaning brushes.

Superdrug Face Masks I always pick a few of these up whenever I'm in Superdrug... they are so cheap yet so effective.

Primark Manicure Set I thought this was really cute and handy to have in your handbag, it's a small pink hard case with some manicure essentials inside.  For £2 you can't really go wrong.

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets can you believe these were only 29p in Home Bargains?  I bought a handful and have some in my kit, some in my car and tonnes around the house.  Brilliant for blotting oil on your skin.
Makeup Revolution products*
I was kindly sent these products from a new brand called Makeup Revolution which is available to buy in Superdrug stores or online.  They sent me an eyeshadow palette in 'Romantic Smoked' which is meant to be a dupe of one of the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes, An eyeshadow and eyebrow palette in 'Disappear till tomorrow' which I can't wait to try out, a stunningly bright pink lipgloss in 'Baby Try' and matching lipstick in 'Crime' which looks like a dupe of MAC's Rebel lipstick.  Last but not least a girly looking nail polish in 'Never Enough' which is a creamy pink.  I can't wait to try these products especially the eyeshadow palettes, keep an eye out for some makeup looks coming very soon :)
I need to make sure I have plenty of lashes for my clients so I'm always buying different brands and styles... My fave brands are Eylure, Ardell, Eye Candy, Kiss and even the Primark £1 lashes are fab!
Eldora Lashes I have heard so much about this brand through Instagram and other makeup artists so thought i'd buy some for lashes to try for myself.  I chose H150 which is a spikey style and then B168 which has criss-cross black and brown hairs, I can't wait to try them out!


Did you know that, on average, we girls spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our locks? And so it's utterly hair-raising when we emerge from our daily shower or bath, to find no vague resemblance to the hair we had a few minutes before!
Well ladies, I'd like to introduce to you this pretty nifty little thing known as 'Save The Blow Dry' ... it may look like any old shower cap but it's an actual life saver at keeping your hair frizz-free and dry in the bath/shower...

Save The Blow Dry has a combination of a waterproof design with an internal layer of super-absorbent micro weave towelling, which zaps humidity and condensation, bathroom-proofing hair to leave it dry and bouncy (sounds amazing right?!) it even has a 100% guarantee that it's the best blow dry protection on the market and claims that it's big enough for the longest, thickest of hair.

It's such a cool little invention and you can even turn it inside out for when you're using hair treatments or masks to soak up all the goodness.  
I have used Save The Blow Dry a fair few times now and I must say that it has definitely lived up to it's claims and left my hair frizz-free and looking gorgeous.

Save The Blow Dry is available in two colours; teal or pink and costs £15.95 online

Have you tried Save The Blow Dry?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


This Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX is a very well known product in the blogger/youtube beauty community and is a kit essential for most makeup artists.  It's raved about all over the internet and is a perfect base to bring out the intensity of any eyeshadow colour.

The shade is 'Milk' and for £5 it's a total must have for everyone who loves makeup as it's so affordable and is known to be better than some of the more expensive eyeshadow bases/primers on the market.  It's perfect to apply all over the lid when doing a neutral eye and applying a light coloured shadow on top and it's also amazing for making bright coloured shadows pop!

You can purchase this product from here or in some NEXT stores within the UK.  These Jumbo Eye Pencils are available in over 30 shades so you're bound to find at least one you love, for £5 you really can't go wrong at all!

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