Sunday, 6 April 2014


I was recommended this product by a friend of mine, she told me to look for it on ebay as it's really affordable and I found it for just £4.75 from this seller here.  
After hearing from my friend how good it was and after reading so many positive reviews on various websites and blogs, I decided to click the 'buy now' button and treat myself.

Now I wasn't expecting to get some big bushy brows and long luscious lashes from using this but it certainly has helped promote the growth and gave me thicker brows as you can see in the pictures below...


The 'before' photo was taken just before using the Ardell Accelerator and the two 'after' pics were taken on my phone three weeks later, showing how much thicker and shapely they have become.  I did wax them the day before just to get rid of the stray hairs and add more definition... I have also been using it on my lashes and they seem more 'full' but I never took any before photos to show the difference.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking to grow out their brows... why spend a fortune on brow/lash growth treatments when you can get this for under a fiver?!  I apply this during the day when I have nowhere to go and sometimes overnight and wash it off the next morning.  It does become a little bit 'stiff' and drying but it certainly worked well for me :)

Have you tried this product??

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