Wednesday, 5 March 2014


So I bought these JinnyLash lashes a year or maybe even two years ago and only just decided today that they needed to be used!  I remember when I first spotted them in Superdrug and knew I had to buy them... they are feather style lashes, amazing for doing some bold eye looks with.  They cost £5.99 which is quite expensive considering I get most of my lashes from ebay or cheaper places but I couldn't resist the style of them so purchased them there and then.

When I first tried them (round about the time when I'd just bought them) I didn't like how thin the bands were and found it quite difficult to apply without them bending all over so I put them back in the packaging and left them.  Since setting up my freelance makeup business I've had plenty of experience at applying different types of lashes on different eye shapes so I thought I'd give them another go as I now prefer thinner bands on false lashes because they are sooo much easier to apply...
Today I had nothing to do so decided to play with my makeup kit and came up with this very glam bridal/prom look using the JinnyLash lashes.  I love how they wing right out and create a bolder look even though I only used neutral shadow shades.  Eylure do a similar style to these but not as long (#162) which I also own (but still haven't been used ofcourse!) this style of lashes would look amazing for a special night out if you have very bold smokey eyes, they would be the finishing touch and add lot's of glamour.

You can purchase JinnyLash lashes from Superdrug.  Prices start from £5.99


I appreciate all comments :)

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