Monday, 24 March 2014


These are my very first Illamasqua items which I hauled in January when they had an online sale so I'm a little late showing them to you all... the main reason for that is because I've barely used the foundations.  The Rich Liquid one is far too dark for me so I've put it in my kit to use on clients with darker skin than me and the Light Liquid one is just something I throw on when I'm in a hurry and wearing fake tan so haven't really tested it properly to see how long lasting it is etc.  I will review it once I've played with it a bit more and compare it to MACs Face&Body foundation.

However, the Cream Blusher is incredible!  It's in the shade 'Dixie' and is a gorgeous pink/coral shade which can be used lightly for a nice flush to the skin or you can add more layers to add more colour.
I tend to use this when my skin feels more on the 'dry' side as i'm naturally quite oily skinned and I also use it in my kit for clients with dry or mature skin.
You can see below just how much of a lovely shade it is, I think it would look amazing on those with a darker/olive complexion especially for the spring/summer.  It blends perfectly and you can add more layers to build up the intensity, 
I only paid £7.50 for this blush in the January sale which is a total bargain considering it's normal price is £18.00.  I think this it's a stunning shade which will look good on most skin tones and the product itself is easily blend-able. 

You can buy Dixie from Illamasqua here for £18.00 


  1. I can't believe I don't own a single Illamasqua product!
    these look great!


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    1. its such a good brand!! I need more stuff from them xx


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