Sunday, 30 March 2014


It's very rare that I give my feet some TLC mainly because I can never be bothered to do a full body pamper unless I'm in the mood or pampering for a big event (which is rare).  When I do decide to do some pampering on my feet I switch between these two foot creams as they work wonders and both leave the skin on my feet incredibly soft and smooth...

First up we have L'Occitane dry skin foot cream which I bought in Vegas last year, it cost pennies!  (well a couple of dollars).  It's recommended that you apply this after a shower/bath but I apply before bed, I rub one layer all over my feet and soles then pop on some cotton socks and leave them to soak up all the goodness overnight, when I get up the next morning I remove the socks and my feet feel like a dream... sooo soft and smooth, perfect :)
It contains moisturising shea butter, lavender essential oil and anti-inflammatory arnica extract... it's described as a rich cream which smoothes and softens skin while relieving tired achy feet.
I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane hand creams so I knew this would work amazingly well, it's such a good brand and I recommend it to anyone looking for some lovely skin products especially those who have dry skin as they offer a wide range of thick lotions and potions.
You can purchase the travel size of this foot cream here for only £8.00.  The full sized version is £19.00 so you may as well just purchase the travel size to try out for now.

The other foot cream I swear by is this one from Soap&Glory called 'heel genius' and is a complete bargain at £5.50 for a 125ml tube... even better when the S&G stuff is on 3for2 in Boots ;)
Now this one is described as a soak in foot mask and to be used overnight which is exactly how I use it and also put on some cotton socks just like the L'Occitane one.  This is more of a gel consistency rather than a lotion/mask and soaks into the skin very well without leaving a greasy residue.  It's hard to describe the scent of it as it's such a unique smell, it's certainly doesn't smell of roses but it's bearable and it contains ingredients such as Macadamia oil, menthol, Bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers.
You can buy this one from Boots here for just £5.50

I recommend the L'Occitane one for a more luxurious feel and for more moisture, the Soap&Glory one is perfect if you're on a budget and love quirky packaging.

What are your top foot creams to use?

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