Monday, 24 March 2014


I was very excited when this arrived at my house a few weeks ago, it's the wrap around ponytail from Bobbyglam which was sent to me by  This is 'remy human hair' and I chose the shade Butterscotch as I knew I was getting highlights in my hair so wanted something to match my new hair colour and it's the PERFECT match!  Keep reading to find out more...
The pony comes in one length on the website which is shown as 18-20" and 65g in weight which I thought might be a little too short if you have naturally long hair like me, you could always trim it if you have shorter hair and add layers.  I must say, with my hair being a little longer than the pony, it blended in perfectly and still looked very natural.  It has a 'wrap around' bit which is handy for hiding any tell tail signs of wearing something fake in your hair and it has three little 'grips' which you can see in the picture below on the right which helps secure it in your natural hair, you then use the wrap around section and grip it to the velcro which keeps it perfectly in place so even if it's an extremely windy day your ponytail won't budge!
You can see below on the left that it's the perfect match for my newly highlighted hair, the middle picture is me WITHOUT the pony in (natural hair) then the picture on the right is me wearing the pony.  You can see it adds plenty thickness to your hair without being too fake looking.
I think this hair piece is perfect for days when you want to wear your hair up but want to add plenty of volume and thickness.  I'm very pleased with how perfect the colour match is and the fact it's not fake looking.  I did straighten it in these photos, it is human hair so you are allowed to use heat on it... i'm yet to try a curly look on it but can imagine it will look lovely and still natural.  There's far too many ponytail pieces out there that are synthetic and look too fake and shiny so this is definitely perfect if you want it to look like your real hair which I'm sure most of you will (who likes the fake shiny look anyway?).  As for the packaging, I think it looks very unique but in a good way and is handy to keep your pony stored away to prevent any tangles or damage to the piece.
So overall I'm very pleased with this, I have been wearing it quite a lot and now have my eye on other hair pieces on

You can purchase the Bobbyglam wrap around ponytail here and it's currently on sale for £49.99*

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