Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I was very excited when these two lovely products arrived at my house a few weeks ago... I have never tried anything from ArtDeco before but have heard so many good things about the brand and their products so couldn't wait to give these a try.  I received the ArtDeco Cream Rouge in shade 38 which can be used on either cheeks or lips and I also received the Hydra Lip Booster in shade 51 which is very moisturising and leaves a gorgeous glossy shine to the lips.
So first up, the Cream Rouge in shade 38 is a beautiful dusky coral which would look perfect for a bronzy look in the summer months.  I have only just got into cream blushers and love how long-lasting they are on the skin, this looks very pigmented on the swatch above but once its blended out it leaves a gorgeous tint of colour to the cheeks or lips without being too over the top.  
Here is the Hydra Lip Booster in shade 51 which is a soft baby pink.  This looks stunning over the top of a nude lipstick to give a gorgeous glossy pout and is perfect to throw in your handbag and just re-use it throughout the day as it's so easy to glide onto the lips and isn't sticky at all.  It feels very moisturising and even better your hair won't stick to it in the wind!  The idea behind these is that they smooth out imperfections, hydrate the lips and make them appear more fuller which I totally think they do!

You can see me wearing the Hydra Lip Booster over my MAC 3N lipstick below... you can build up the intensity of the Cream Rouge depending on how deep you want the colour, I wanted a soft natural look so just used a small amount and blended it in with my BeautyBlender.

Overall: these are brilliant little products and I really want to try more of the ArtDeco range, the Cream Rouge is priced at £12.00 and the Hydra Lip Booster is £11.50 so they are pretty affordable!

You can purchase ArtDeco products from Debenhams or BeautyBay

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  1. Hi Becky love the blog you done on ArtDeco ive used the products Professionaly/Personnaly for about 13 years and I love them also love your blog! My Favourite ArtDeco Cream Rouge No.44


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