Friday, 21 February 2014


I've had my eye on these for a few weeks now but wanted to wait until Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on,  this week I picked one up along with two Maybelline concealers and decided to go for this amazingly bright coral shade.  The shade is '245 Audacious' and this will be perfect for spring/summer as it's so bright and fresh, ready for when the hot weather comes along.

It's described as a matte lip balm, yes it's quite matte looking but it doesn't dry out your lips as it's still very moisturising (hence why it's a lip balm).  It contains Shea, Mango and Cocoa butter to leave lips feeling moisturised.  You can apply one layer for a less pigmented look or just keep adding more layers to make it brighter, this shade would look amazing with a bronze smokey eye and lots of contouring. 

You can purchase these Revlon matte lip balms for £7.99 from Boots here (currently on 3 for 2)


This is my first ever NYX purchase, I have had my eye on plenty of the NYX products over the years but never got round to ordering anything... it was only the other day I was in my local NEXT store browsing around and saw the NYX stand next to the jewellery and knew I had to buy something there and then.  There wasn't really much choice, a few lipsticks, glosses, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, a couple shades of the jumbo eye pencils and a couple more items.  I swatched the bronzers and loved how pigmented they were, I will be picking up the light and medium shade for my makeup kit but I had my eye on this blush in the shade 'Mocha' as I really need to build up my blush collection.  

The packaging of this item is very sturdy, perfect for putting in your makeup bag and not having to worry if it's gunna crack open and spill all over... it's just as sturdy as the MAC ones which is brilliant especially as NYX is a fraction of the cost of MAC makeup.

So the blush itself is a beautiful dusky pink/coral shade and is really pigmented I can't believe this product cost only £6.00!  You don't need a lot of product on your brush so just start off with a light layer and you can build it up depending on how bright you want it.  I think this is one of those shades that will look good on any skin-tone whether you're fair or dark it will look gorgeous no matter what.  Definitely going to be picking up more of these :)

You can buy this product here

Monday, 17 February 2014


I'm totally loving these Color Riche nail polishes from L'oreal, I raved about the red shade '401 Pinup Rouge' here just a couple of weeks ago.  This shade '204 Boudoir Rose' is perfect for the spring/summer and just like the other one it doesn't chip for days!!!  
There wasn't much colour choice in my local Boots so I'm gunna trail to one of the larger stores very soon and pick up a few more shades (on 3 for 2 ofcourse)... they are amazing!  
The only downside to these is the size of them, they are tiny and you will probably get around 20-30 nail polish applications out of each one but for £5.00 you can't go wrong for something that looks like you've just had a Gellish/Shellac polish from the salon.

Have you tried these?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I was very excited when these two lovely products arrived at my house a few weeks ago... I have never tried anything from ArtDeco before but have heard so many good things about the brand and their products so couldn't wait to give these a try.  I received the ArtDeco Cream Rouge in shade 38 which can be used on either cheeks or lips and I also received the Hydra Lip Booster in shade 51 which is very moisturising and leaves a gorgeous glossy shine to the lips.
So first up, the Cream Rouge in shade 38 is a beautiful dusky coral which would look perfect for a bronzy look in the summer months.  I have only just got into cream blushers and love how long-lasting they are on the skin, this looks very pigmented on the swatch above but once its blended out it leaves a gorgeous tint of colour to the cheeks or lips without being too over the top.  
Here is the Hydra Lip Booster in shade 51 which is a soft baby pink.  This looks stunning over the top of a nude lipstick to give a gorgeous glossy pout and is perfect to throw in your handbag and just re-use it throughout the day as it's so easy to glide onto the lips and isn't sticky at all.  It feels very moisturising and even better your hair won't stick to it in the wind!  The idea behind these is that they smooth out imperfections, hydrate the lips and make them appear more fuller which I totally think they do!

You can see me wearing the Hydra Lip Booster over my MAC 3N lipstick below... you can build up the intensity of the Cream Rouge depending on how deep you want the colour, I wanted a soft natural look so just used a small amount and blended it in with my BeautyBlender.

Overall: these are brilliant little products and I really want to try more of the ArtDeco range, the Cream Rouge is priced at £12.00 and the Hydra Lip Booster is £11.50 so they are pretty affordable!

You can purchase ArtDeco products from Debenhams or BeautyBay

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I honestly don't know why I never tried any of these L'oreal Color Riche polishes sooner.  These are incredible, they don't chip for days...most polishes I use chip after around 12 hours but not these!!!  Yes they are tiny but cost only £4.99 (even better when they are on 3 for 2 in Boots) I've used this particular one around 6 times now and have just over half the amount of product left so yes they are totally worth it especially as they don't chip.  I got the shade '401 Rouge Pinup' which is a gorgeous red, these also have a built in top coat known as 'LiquiGel technology' which offers easy application, even coverage and lasting glossy shine.
This is 2 coats of the nail polish (on top of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth) I'm totally obsessed with these now and need to pick up a tonne of other colours.  Save yourself some pennies instead of getting a gel manicure in your local salon which can cost anywhere around £15-£25 just buy a few of these and they will give the same effect!  

I hardly ever rave about nail polish unless it's by Essie or whatever, but these are truly unreal and I suggest you all go out and buy some!

You can purchase L'oreal Color Riche polishes from here

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