Friday, 17 January 2014


I recently had lip fillers and thought I would write about my experience as I've been getting bombarded with questions.  I was lucky enough to win a competition which I totally forgot I entered before Christmas, the prize was lip fillers and I was soo shocked when I was told that I'd won...
I made sure to research the company who was doing them for me and also checked out other girls who had their lips done from the same people just to make sure I was in safe hands.  The company is called Precision Rejuvination and they are based in Middlesbrough which is a 30 minute drive from where I live.

Sue Ellwood and Stacy James are the ladies who done my lips and my experience with them was really good and they made me feel relaxed because I must admit I was a little nervous as I'm one of those people who HATES needles and my friends who've had their lips done said it hurts but I still went along with it and I'm so glad I did!  First, Stacy applied a numbing cream to my lips then after 5-10 minutes I laid on the bed and Sue took a couple of 'before' photos but I told her I already took some myself on my phone before my arrival.  Sue then injected the left side of my lip first as she explained this was the most sensitive side and would hurt more than the right side and it stung like crazy, my eyes were streaming like crazy... not because I was crying, they just stung because it felt weird.  It wasn't 'painful' in anyway at all just a stinging sensation and I could feel the filler going into my lips.  She then injected my right side which was less painful like she had explained but my eyes were still streaming, finally she injected a tiny bit into the bottom lip as it didn't need much filling and I could hardly feel it.

I took a look in the mirror and was so shocked by how big they were but in a good way, I've never had any cosmetic procedures done before so it was crazy to see something so different to what it was 5 minutes before.  They do look bruised for a few days but you're allowed to wear lipstick/lipgloss the next day to cover the bruising.I'd say the full procedure took around 10 minutes and the filler used was Juvaderm Ultra and a full syringe was used on me.  Here's some before and after photos, I'm really pleased with them and they look gorgeous with lipstick/lipgloss so I'm really happy I won this competition :)




Check out Precision Rejuvination here.  £180 for lip fillers*
Have you had any cosmetic procedures? 


  1. They look gorgeous, really natural xxx

  2. They look gorgeous, really natural xxx

  3. The result is gorgeous.
    My only procedure was related to Botox for armpits.

  4. This looks fab.. very natural! How long does it usually last? xx

    1. its meant to be 6-9 months but some people get a year out of them depends on your body i suppose :) xx

  5. they look amazing hunny! xx

  6. I went to a consultation to get these in London but the price is sooooo much more (double in the City!) tempted to travel up and come get them done there. I backed away from getting them but it's not far from my mind - I love the look of that natural plumped look. Yours look amazing!! xx

    Candy Cosmetics

  7. I've never had any cosmetic procedure before, but after reading this post and watching all these amazing before and after lip fillers images, I'm really thinking about having lip fillers in London. I hope for similar results. But let's see xx
    lip fillers in London

  8. Your lip enhancement before and after really looks great and adds to your good looks. I think one can go for the lip fillers if one has thin lips.


I appreciate all comments :)

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