Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Ever since I've heard so many raves about GlamGlow I've wanted to try it myself but the jars are on the expensive side (ranging from £25-£50) I was so pleased when they recently came out with the sachets so you can try before you buy... at only £8 for a pack of four masks you can't go wrong at all!
I decided to go for the combo pack where you get the original version and then the clearing treatment version.
You can see the picture above of me with one of the masks on, the dark areas are where the mask has pulled out all the nasties (aka congestion) from my pores.. the chin and cheek areas are where I get regular blemishes and spots and the odd ones between my brows so I know this is definitely working in the right areas where needed...

It says on the website that you can use this as a mask or just on your blemishes as a spot treatment which is a great idea... I personally used all four sachets as masks and I preferred the 'clearing treatment' version and it's made especially for problem skin which is exactly what I have (blemishes, acne, blackheads, visible pores etc).

After trying out the product, I will certainly be purchasing a full sized jar of the clearing treatment mask because it's absolutely brilliant and helps control my skin, reducing blemishes and keeping it oil-free.  Perfecto!

Buy GlamGlow products on their official website here

Have you tried this brand??

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