Friday, 17 January 2014


I recently had lip fillers and thought I would write about my experience as I've been getting bombarded with questions.  I was lucky enough to win a competition which I totally forgot I entered before Christmas, the prize was lip fillers and I was soo shocked when I was told that I'd won...
I made sure to research the company who was doing them for me and also checked out other girls who had their lips done from the same people just to make sure I was in safe hands.  The company is called Precision Rejuvination and they are based in Middlesbrough which is a 30 minute drive from where I live.

Sue Ellwood and Stacy James are the ladies who done my lips and my experience with them was really good and they made me feel relaxed because I must admit I was a little nervous as I'm one of those people who HATES needles and my friends who've had their lips done said it hurts but I still went along with it and I'm so glad I did!  First, Stacy applied a numbing cream to my lips then after 5-10 minutes I laid on the bed and Sue took a couple of 'before' photos but I told her I already took some myself on my phone before my arrival.  Sue then injected the left side of my lip first as she explained this was the most sensitive side and would hurt more than the right side and it stung like crazy, my eyes were streaming like crazy... not because I was crying, they just stung because it felt weird.  It wasn't 'painful' in anyway at all just a stinging sensation and I could feel the filler going into my lips.  She then injected my right side which was less painful like she had explained but my eyes were still streaming, finally she injected a tiny bit into the bottom lip as it didn't need much filling and I could hardly feel it.

I took a look in the mirror and was so shocked by how big they were but in a good way, I've never had any cosmetic procedures done before so it was crazy to see something so different to what it was 5 minutes before.  They do look bruised for a few days but you're allowed to wear lipstick/lipgloss the next day to cover the bruising.I'd say the full procedure took around 10 minutes and the filler used was Juvaderm Ultra and a full syringe was used on me.  Here's some before and after photos, I'm really pleased with them and they look gorgeous with lipstick/lipgloss so I'm really happy I won this competition :)




Check out Precision Rejuvination here.  £180 for lip fillers*
Have you had any cosmetic procedures? 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Ever since I've heard so many raves about GlamGlow I've wanted to try it myself but the jars are on the expensive side (ranging from £25-£50) I was so pleased when they recently came out with the sachets so you can try before you buy... at only £8 for a pack of four masks you can't go wrong at all!
I decided to go for the combo pack where you get the original version and then the clearing treatment version.
You can see the picture above of me with one of the masks on, the dark areas are where the mask has pulled out all the nasties (aka congestion) from my pores.. the chin and cheek areas are where I get regular blemishes and spots and the odd ones between my brows so I know this is definitely working in the right areas where needed...

It says on the website that you can use this as a mask or just on your blemishes as a spot treatment which is a great idea... I personally used all four sachets as masks and I preferred the 'clearing treatment' version and it's made especially for problem skin which is exactly what I have (blemishes, acne, blackheads, visible pores etc).

After trying out the product, I will certainly be purchasing a full sized jar of the clearing treatment mask because it's absolutely brilliant and helps control my skin, reducing blemishes and keeping it oil-free.  Perfecto!

Buy GlamGlow products on their official website here

Have you tried this brand??


In December I always pop into my local Boots store on numerous occasions as it's my 'Birthday month' and you get double points on anything (YEY!)  I picked up this new foundation from Bourjois and it was on offer for £7.99 which is cheap as chips compared to higher end foundations so I thought I may as well try it out.

a brief description from the Bourjois website: "Happy Light foundation gives a luminous and flawless complexion in any light.  It's translucent pigments correct without masking giving your complexion a flawless radiance.  It's supple texture glides smoothly onto the skin for a flawless complexion with no caking.  RESULT:  complexion is left luminous and flawless for 16 hours* in any light with an ultra-natural finish"

WOW!  Doesn't that sound incredible?!  After trying this new product out over the past month it has become a staple in my everyday makeup bag and also used it on a couple of clients when doing their makeup over the Christmas period to give them a gorgeous glow for their Christmas staff night out.

I have quite oily skin so I was a little bit skeptical about buying this as it gives a dewy glow (something us oily skinned girls should stay away from) but it isn't one of those 'over the top disco ball' glows, it gives a nice sheen without making the skin look any oilier and looks very natural.  I use this during the day as it's not heavy or cakey and it's really easy to just apply in seconds with a brush or my amazing BeautyBlender sponge then set with some powder.  I personally wouldn't use this for an evening/night out as I prefer full coverage for the night and a matte finish so I don't look shiny in pictures but I swear by it for the day time.

I think I will pick up a few more shades (when the 3 for 2 offer is on obviously!) and keep them in my kit as some of my clients have loved the look of their skin when I've used this on them.

Thumbs up BOURJOIS!

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Happy New Year everyone :)  Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year...

After losing quite a bit of weight in 2013 and keeping it off I have put half of it back on over the Christmas period :( gutted!  I'm not happy with how my body looks and don't feel comfortable wearing fitted clothes or wearing tank tops in the gym.  On a more positive note, I felt amazing fitting into some clothes I couldn't fit into in 2012 as they were on the tight side, I could then fit into a pair of size 10 trousers effortlessly when I lost weight last year and was buzzing!!!  You really don't realise how much weight you have lost until you try old clothes on and look at old photos showing a much bigger version of you.  So now it's 2014, new year new me, it's time to lose that weight I put on plus MORE!

During Christmas I stopped going to the gym but have now rejoined (thank the lord!) I go to around 5-6 gym classes per week (Bodypump, kettlebell, Bodycombat and Spinning) I can usually eat really healthy but when it comes to the night time I get bored, gain cravings of bad food, sometimes I cave in and eat something (then feel guilty/fat/angry/upset/furious/bloated afterwards) and sometimes I don't cave in... have a glass of water then go to bed and feel amazing the next morning (no bloating, feel proud of myself for not eating late at night and feel motivated to carry on) I totally wish I could have this willpower 24/7 but unfortunately I don't.

I'm quite short at 5'4" and have short legs with wide hips and a round bum so I do look very bottom heavy which sometimes is annoying because I can't really wear many nice things in summer to show off my legs because I can look stumpy.  I love wearing skinny jeans but they have to be cut off at a certain length otherwise it looks like I have cankles :( my legs are the worst part of my body and I'd do anything to have a nice set of pins that look good in the skinniest jeans, nice short dresses and skirts.  However, I am quite lucky as I have good definition in my upper body (arms, shoulders and back)  I do have a little bit of excess fat on my back and under my arms but they can be easily removed with a good/clean diet.  I know I'll never have slim legs but I'm proud of having a slimmer upper body and can wear nice strapless/backless dresses which some people wouldn't have the balls to wear.  It's just crazy how all these celebrities and models look so perfect yet theres normal girls like me all over the world who will never really be happy with their body and don't have that willpower/motivation... also not forgetting all these celebs have personal trainers, professional makeup artists, hair stylists etc to make them look their best.  But then again, we always want what we can't have.... but who says you CAN'T have your dream body?  It's all about motivation, changing your eating habits, eating clean and having a healthy lifestyle.

GOALS FOR 2014...
My main goal for 2014 is to be the fittest and healthiest I have ever been, I will continue to go to the gym and do the classes I enjoy but will eat very healthy.  I will cut down on carbs (not cut out completely but cut down on them) and eat more fruit, veg and drink 2litres of water per day.  I will do this by using the Celebrity Slim program which I have used a couple of times previously, it's the best program I've ever used and it works amazingly well.  I will start off doing it for 2 weeks and will update you on my progress, I have took some before photos and took my measurements to compare so keep a look out for those!

My main goal is to fit into size 10 skinny jeans and be a size 8 on top... I'm going to work very hard and not skip the gym, eat smaller portions and cut out the naughty takeaways and fast food.  I have gave up alcohol and will only drink it on special occasions (eg. a birthday or wedding) I don't enjoy alcohol at all so it will be easy for me.

I also need to stop eating when I feel bored, instead go for a glass of water or a cup of green tea... thats how I put the weight on over Christmas by overeating and ordering greasy takeaways etc.  IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!  Having a treat every now and again is fine so I will allow myself a treat whether it's a takeaway, a big bowl of pasta, a large Dominos pizza or some chocolate but it won't be every week, probably every 2-3 weeks.

FIT FOR 2014!

I started the Celebrity Slim program this week so will report back after the two weeks and take photos/measurements to show progress.  I'm hoping to feel comfortable in fitted clothing again by March.

Have you got any fitness or weight loss goals for the New Year?  Let me know in the comment box!


Sunday, 5 January 2014


Happy 2014 everyone!  I have been totally slacking lately with posts but I have been really busy throughout the Christmas period doing clients makeup etc.  I have lots of new goodies to blog about so keep checking back.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year

Becky xxx
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