Friday, 6 December 2013


Just some MAC goodies what I ordered for my kit...

- Pro palette large
- Two inserts for the palette
- MAC eyeshadow in 'red brick'
- MAC pigment in 'vanilla'
- I received two free samples which was nice of them considering I've never had samples even though I've spent thousands of pounds on MAC over the years.  They gave me 'zoom fast' mascara and 'prep & prime skin base visage'
I depotted all of my MAC shadows, now I need another palette!!!
I'm totally in love with Vanilla pigment... perfect for highlighting the brow bone, cheek bone, the bridge of the nose and tear duct area.


  1. so jealous of your palette :o
    mines growing, just need to buy a palette instead of having them individual (so annoying) I got those samples too with my last order and they're amazing! xx

  2. you have so many gorgeous eye shadows!:)that vanilla pigment looks amazing too!:)I'm now following your blog girlie!:)x


I appreciate all comments :)

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