Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hey dolls!  If you've watched TOWIE then you'll know who Lauren Goodger is, she came out with her own range of tan and hair extensions back in 2011.  Her brand has recently expanded with a range of false lashes, dream rollers and other hair accessories.  I bought these back in July and feel ready to review each product in detail so here we go girlies...


I decided to buy the Midnight Diva lashes as they looked right up my street and can be worn for day or evening looks.  At £6.95 a pop they aren't the most purse friendly lashes but the quality is brilliant, I have worn these 3 times now and they're still good as new.  They're perfect for natural looks to add abit of glamour and also perfect for heavy makeup looks, they look like real hair and I hate it when false lashes have that awful synthetic shiny look to them... you'll be pleased to know that these don't have that!

You can buy Laurens Way Midnight Diva Lashes here

The reason I chose this tan is because I like my tan to be DARK and this one had really good feedback on the reviews.  I've used this a fair few times now and it gives me a gorgeous dark, olive colour.  The good thing about this tan is that it doesn't smell bad and fades evenly (some tans can look scaley when fading) the packaging is very clean looking yet girly and this whole bottle will last for around 8-10 full body applications so you're really getting alot of bang for your buck here as this 250ml sized bottle is only £17.95, you'd usually pay anywhere from £12-£20 for a spray tan at your local salon.
You can buy Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Bronzing Lotion here


I was quite skeptical about buying these as I didn't expect them to do anything and was thinking they'd fall out as soon as I slept in them.... boy was I wrong!  They give me amazingly volumized hair without using any heated appliances.  I roll about 2-3 inches of hair onto each roller and I backcomb each section at the root for extra volume.  I secure the rollers with bobby pins so they don't fall out when sleeping, once they're all in and feel secure I then spray some hairspray all over to set.  Keep them in overnight then take them out the next morning, you're left with beautiful big hair like this...
You can buy Laurens Way Dream Rollers here

Have you tried any products from Laurens Way? would love to hear what you've tried.  I really wanna try her Glamtan next and more lashes. 

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