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Hello my lovely readers!  The weather is becoming very dull and wet here in the UK and there's nothing better than wearing some fake tan to make you have a nice healthy looking glow.  I gave this mousse tan a go from the brand Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter after hearing so much about it recently I was excited to give it a try and see how it compares to my trusty Fake Bake 60 minute tan.
This tan has a similar concept to the Fake Bake 60 minute tan which retails for £24.95 (ouch!) I do buy it when it's on offer in Boots for around £16.00 but it's not on offer very often so I have to keep watching out for it as they don't sell it on the Boots website.  This Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan only costs £7.99* which is very affordable especially if you only want to try it out, you're hardly breaking the bank.
So  as you can see above I got the 1 Hour Tan, a sachet of the Tough Stuff scrub and the applicator mitt.  The mitt is high quality and has a 'water-resistant barrier' inside to stop your fingers and palms from getting stained which is a brilliant idea.. orange palms are a NO-NO!
Look how pretty the body scrub is... bubblegum pink!  I used this on dry skin and loved how it felt gritty but not too harsh getting rid of the layers of dead skin in preparation for the tan.  I rinsed this off in the shower after rubbing it in for a good 10 minutes and my skin was extremely soft like a babies bum :)  It smells like melon too which is one of my fave scents ever.
You can see here how thick the consistency of the mousse is, it feels thick when applying it to the skin but it rubs in with ease without feeling sticky like some tans can feel.  It doesn't have a strong smell so it's good for those who hate the nasty fake tan/biscuity smell and has a very light colour guide.  Most tans I have used have had a very dark colour guide and would look stupid if you went out in public but with this tan you could easily get away with going out straight after applying it as it's not that dark but still dark enough to see where you've put it on your skin if that makes sense?
In the above picture you can see how light the colour guide is, I have applied the tan on my right leg and you can see how pale I am by looking at my left leg.  After applying it all over my body and a teeny bit on my face, I was really pleased with how quickly it dried meaning I could put on some clothes straight away (loose clothing is what I recommend).
I left the tan on for just over 3 hours... you can rinse this off after just 1 hour if you're in a rush or want a very light sunkissed glow but I wasn't planning on going anywhere so left it on longer.  The colour guide started to deepen and after the 3 hours I rinsed the colour guide off in the shower and got out, dried myself with a dark towel using a patting motion and admired the gorgeous golden glow to my skin.
The colour isn't too dark and looks very natural, as if you've been on a weeks holiday in the sun.  If I left my Fake Bake 60minute tan on for 3 hours I would be extremely dark and look like I'd been on a 2 week holiday in the Bahamas or somewhere so this is a much lighter version and would be perfect for those who have a pale complexion.
I don't think this tan would be too good for those with darker skin tones as it wouldn't show up very well but is perfect for lighter skin tones and is great for the colder season when you just want a normal looking tan without it being too over the top.  I'll be using this a lot throughout the winter season and will leave my Fake Bake one to the warmer months for a deeper looking tan.

You can buy this range in Primark and online at


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