Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Where the hell has this year gone?  It's totally flew by... we'll soon be seeing Christmas and 2014.  Anyways as it's October me and my best friend have decided to do 'Sober October' so we can't drink any alcohol for the full month, I think it will be easy for me as I don't drink much anyway.

Just a little update on my Macbook Air laptop, it's still in for repair even though it was meant to come back last Wednesday!!! I'm hoping I get it back this week because I need it to upload pictures from my camera to post some reviews.  Totally gutted it broke on me after just two months, wish I'd stuck to HP but nevermind.

It's getting closer to Christmas and my Birthday is on New Years Eve so I recently done a wishlist for the things I'd like, I know I won't get everything but I can buy some things myself (as a treat ofcourse) you can see below some of the things I'm after...

- NARS palette £32.00
- Zara shoes £59.99
- Apple macbook air case £35.00
- Charlotte Tilbury 'bitch perfect' lipstick £23.00
- Michael Kors Wren rose gold watch £229.99
- Celeb boutique dress £99.99
- Tom Ford Black orchid £75.00
- Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag £15.00

Whats on your wishlist?


  1. The shoes are fabulous! Xx


  2. I love those zara heels, they almost look like Louboutins, gorgeous!

    Good luck for sober october :)



    1. thankyou :) yes i loveee the shoes! hope they dont sell out x

  3. Love the MK watch and Charlotte Tilbury make-up bag so cute! Good luck with 'sober October' :-)

    Young and Foolish Happiness <3



I appreciate all comments :)

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