Saturday, 5 October 2013


I found this brand on Twitter a few weeks back and checked out their website.  As I've recently started being healthy and working out, protein is essential for me and these little Bounce Balls* provide plenty of it.  These energy balls are also 100% natural and gluten free.  There are 6 different flavours to choose from and below are the 4 flavours I tried out:
Almond - almonds are my fave nuts to snack on and this tasted really nice.  It's very high in protein as it contains 12grams of high quality whey protein to give you lots of energy and is perfect for a post-workout snack.
Spirulina & Ginseng - this one was my least fave but was still pretty edible, but then again I'm the most unfussy eater in the world.
Peanut - this one tasted lovely and contains 14grams of high quality whey protein, complex carbs and heart healthy unsaturated fats.  It also helps you feel energized and it tastes like peanut butter mmmm!
Coconut & Macadamia - I left the best until last... I'm a huge fan of everything that tastes or smells like coconut so I knew this one would be my fave.  It contains coconut, macadamias, cashews and agave syrup, it tastes amazing I could snack on this one all day.
So if you want to get your protein hit from something that tastes really yummy, you need these bad boys in your life!  You can choose from packs of 12 or packs of 40... I'm gunna get a pack of the Coconut & Macadamia ones asap!
You can buy Bounce Balls online here

Have you tried these?

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