Friday, 27 September 2013


 I had heard from this brand nspa before from other bloggers and also seen it on the shelves in Asda whenever in the beauty isle but never actually tried any of the products.

Last week I recieved the Melting Cleansing Gel 50ml* which is a luxurious gel that turns into a cleansing milk, the packaging is very clean looking and shows the main information of the product on the front of the tube and the directions/ingredients on the back.  I've been using this everyday since it arrived and I'm very impressed!  You massage a small amount onto dry skin using circular motions from chin to forehead then you wet your hands with warm water and massage again to turn the gel to a soft cleansing milk, finally rinse it off with warm water and pat dry.  It's absolutly perfect for removing makeup at the end of the day and it totally reminds me of the very pricey Dermalogica Pre-cleanse which I used to swear by at removing makeup, it smells very similar and the texture is a little bit thicker but it does the same thing by turning into a cleansing milk once it hits contact with water only this is nspa one is purse friendly so you're saving money.  I reckon if I was trying this product blind folded I would honestly think it was a high end brand and was in the £20-£30 price range.

I don't usually rave about many cleansers but this is certainly in my top 5.  I'm definitely gunna go out to Asda and buy another tube so I can keep it at my boyfriends house when I want to remove my makeup, makeup wipes are a no-go for me so this will be perfect for travelling or staying over at someones house.

You can buy nspa products here and this cleansing gel is only £6.00 for a 125ml tube or you can get 3 nspa products for £10.00.. how good is that deal?!  You should pick it up next time you're in Asda and maybe grab a few more of their products to try as they're so affordable.  They have a full range of skincare, haircare, bath products and accessories so you're bound to find something.

Have you tried nspa products before?

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