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This is possibly my fourth or fifth set of clip-in hair extensions from the brand Lush, I found this brand on E-bay roughly around 2 years ago when I was after some decent quality extensions but was a little bit strapped for cash at the time.  I spotted these as they seemed popular and cost less than £40.00 for a full head of clip-ins so I purchased them and I'm so glad I did because I've never went back to any other clip-in extension brand since!  I find these to be one of the cheapest on the market and the quality of the hair is excellent (100% remy human), if you're unsure on what shade to buy they offer a free colour match service - all you need to do is take a photo of your hair colour and send them the picture and they will get back to you within 24 hours to tell you which shade would be the perfect match.

I've tried different lengths, shades and even different thickness of extensions from Lush, their Deluxe double weft full head extensions are really thick and I found myself only wearing half of them as they were so thick, I even dyed them and they stayed soft for months on end but I didn't need the thickness so I decided to go back to the normal full-head set which cost me a reasonable £39.99 for 20" on their E-bay store (you get 100grams of hair with the 20inch set).

SET INCLUDES:1 x 8" wide weft (4 clips attached)
2 x 6" wide weft (3 clips attached)
2 x 4" wide weft (2 clips attached)
1 x 3" wide weft (2 clips attached)
2 x 2" wide weft (1 clip attached)

As I've recently dyed my hair dark brown I opted for shade #2 Dark Brown which is a perfect match for me, with these extensions the colours are multi-tonal which I think is great because they match your actual hair colour much nicer rather than a set of extensions that are just all one block colour.  I can see a mix of dark brown, caramel and light brown in this set so I reckon if my hair was a shade lighter or a shade darker this set would still be a perfect match as it would still all blend in together.

Lush offer lengths from 12inches all the way to 26inches but I decided to go for 20inches as I find this to be the most natural looking for me whilst still being long in length.  I have previously bought 22 and 24inches from Lush but found them to be too long and unnatural looking, I think these lengths would be perfect for those who are much taller as I'm quite short.  

You can wash, dye, straighten, curl these extensions and they last a really long time if looked after carefully.  I tend to only wash them once a month and make sure I condition them well then apply some Moroccanoil treatment to keep them frizz free and healthy looking. 

The clips are decent too, they have a rubber band so they grip to your hair with ease and won't slide down.  I still like to backcomb my roots for extra grip and some volume.

TIP:  hang your extensions on a trouser coat hanger to keep them in tip top condition and stop them from tangling.

Heres a picture of me with my natural hair before putting in the clip-ins...

... and heres the finished result, I curled them slightly with some large curling tongs and backcombed to make the extensions blend in with my natural hair more

 I'm really pleased with the quality and price of these extensions, I don't wear extensions everyday but they are a god send for nights out and special occasions to create glamorous, long, thick hair

You can purchase Lush extensions from the official Lush E-bay store here or from the Lush website here.

Have you tried Lush hair extensions?  Whats your fave extension brand for clip-ins? 


  1. I use these extensions and they are fantastic! Always such good quality and thicker than a lot of other ebay brands! xx

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  2. love the extension
    You should defiantly check out 'ali express' for brazilian and peruvian hair

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  4. These look incredible, I'd love some hair extensions but my hair is ombre'd so it'd look really weird :(

    Brazilian hair

  5. I bought tgese in blonde and they had thick corse black hair in them, when I straightened them they melted obviously not human hair. I brushed through them with a tangle teezer and they shed like hell.

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  7. My favorite technique for the best blending natural hair and extension hair; both fine hair and medium to thick hair is the beaded weft extensions. With the NBR (natural beaded rows) extensions 1 row no more then 3 rows are installed using hand tied hair and stacking them to customize beautiful naturally blended Remy Clip In Hair Extensions
    . It looks so natural no one will not know its not your real hair.

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