Monday, 30 September 2013


For week 1 click here and to check out week 2 here

Day 1:  Level 3 is now here... which means that I have 1 more level to go after this and the challenge is complete!  Level 3 is obviously much harder than levels 1 and 2 but yet again I worked my butt off, sweat like crazy and made sure I pushed myself all the way through the workout.  I also done Bodypump today and can lift heavier weights, strong = sexy!

Day 2:  I used this as my rest day as I went to Newcastle Eldon Square shopping and didn't get home until late.

Day 3:  I didn't feel too motivated today so this was my second rest day... felt so bad for having two rest days together but will try my hardest tomorrow to do the advanced moves rather than stick with the beginner moves.

Day 4:  Today I bought some ankle/wrist weights from Tesco as they were on offer for £5.50 complete bargain... they are 1.5kg each and will be perfect for adding some extra weight to my workouts.  I'm going for a meal tonight (Italian so loads of carbs!) with my friends so I did my Jillian DVD level 3 and also 20 minutes on the treadmill with my new ankle/wrist weights on my ankles.  To finish off I did some ab work... I really pushed today!

Day 5:  OH MY!!! Can really feel pain in my legs and thighs today from those ankle weights, well worth it though!  Still carried on with my session with Jillian though but decided not to use the ankle weights today.

Day 6:  Almost done!  Another session with Jillian today and did some ab work and went on the treadmill for 20 mins doing a power walk.  I gave the ankle weights another miss today but will use them tomorrow.

Day 7:  The last day of level 3 is here :) feeling so good about myself...used the ankle weights today and managed to do ALL of the advanced moves.  READY FOR LEVEL 4!!!!

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