Saturday, 21 September 2013


Feel so proud of myself completing the first week of Ripped in 30 with Jillian Michaels  
Check out my post for week 1 here

Day 1:  Today is Monday the start of level 2 with Jillian but I didn't feel too good, I had barely any energy so I didn't bother starting it today but you'll be pleased to know that I did get off my backside and went to Bodypump class.  I knew that if I'd go along to Bodypump I'd do the full class no problem whereas if I was gunna just do Jillian Michaels DVD with barely any energy I'd just slack, I'd much rather do something than nothing at all.

Day 2:  So today is the day... my first attempt at level 2 OH MY GOD it was much harder than level 1 and I was sweating like crazy. I also did a Bodypump class yet again (addicted much?) so I got plenty of weight training in as well as this DVD.  I couldn't do many of the advanced moves on level 2 but will try harder tomorrow...

Day 3:  Happy hump day! Yes it's Wednesday today and I've had a stressful day... my Macbook air decided to die on me so sent it to Apple for repair.  I also did some food shopping today and got tonnes of healthy stuff including some almond milk to try.  I did day 2 of Jillians level 2 and tried my best to do the advanced moves but still didn't manage them so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 4:  Today I was extremely healthy and felt motivated... I had a banana protein shake for breakfast, a chicken sandwich (wholemeal bread) from M&S for lunch then another protein shake for dinner with a banana as a snack.  I done Bodypump this morning and worked out with Jillian in the evening, when doing my workout with Jillian there was one point where I had sweat dripping off my nose and hearing Jillian in the background telling me to push and keep it up was making me push harder and I thought to myself 'I'm doing this for myself and only I can put the effort in' Jillian is a huge inspiration and she really makes you work like you've never worked out before.

Day 5:  Friday is usually the night I stay over at my boyfriends, I made sure I did my workout with Jillian before going to his.  I also did some ab work, I had two protein shakes today and felt a 'buzz' it was weird!  It calmed down when I had my dinner though.

Day 6: The final level 2 workout is finally here!  I did it and felt much stronger as I could push myself to do the advanced moves for each circuit, felt very proud of myself and had a protein shake straight after to 'repair' my muscles after a tough workout.

Day 7:  Rest day... excited to start level 3, I reckon it will be extremely tough but I can't slack because I'm already half way through the challenge.  BRING IT ON!

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