Sunday, 1 September 2013


I'm one of those people who gets bored of having the same hair colour after a period of time.  I used to be blonde and wouldn't dream of changing to any other colour until I was 19 and went brunette and loved it.  Ever since then I have been many shades of dark, highlighted, caramel shades and even a plum/red colour.  I was recently a plum/red colour which looked nice and made my blue eyes pop but the colour ran everytime I washed my hair and made my roots look awful when my hair grew.  I decided to go a dark brown and saw this new permanent hair dye in Boots which is like a hair mask but is actually a hair dye, I bought two so I can dye my hair extensions with one of them and this new product was reasonably priced at £4.50.

I chose the shade 400 Dark Brown as you can see below

As you can see by the instructions, it's very simply and easy to apply.  If you have very thick/long hair I suggest you use two boxes as I don't feel one box would be enough for a full head.

This is what you get in each box:  The colour mask (developer), colour cream in the colour you chose, conditioning hair mask sachet, gloves and instructions.

I applied the mask and left it on for 40-45 mins (I always leave it on longer than recommended) then rinsed and conditioned.

This is the outcome and i'm very happy with my new colour :) ...

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