Sunday, 4 August 2013


I first heard about Juice To U on twitter and checked out their website here
Alot of people on twitter who had tried it seemed to have lost around half a stone on the 3 day detox and this instantly made me want to order it.
The price including delivery was £92.00 which is very steep but I wanted to see fast results and doing a detox sounded really appealing.
All deliveries are delivered on a Tuesday morning ready to start the programme on the Wednesday, the juices come neatly packaged with an ice pack to keep cool and two lemons which are to slice and add to your drinking water.
Please note that this is a completely honest review :)


Clean Green - this is meant to be the fat burning juice and is certainly not the best tasting one.  It has spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lime in it and is meant to be drank twice a day (9am and 3pm)

Lets Glow - this juice has orange, apple, kiwi, grapes and strawberry in it and tastes abit better than the Clean Green one.  This is meant to make your skin glow

 Berry Good - this juice was the better tasting juice and was easier to drink but was very thick so took a little longer to consume.  This includes pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, apple and raspberry

Day one was the easiest day, I firstly had a glass of water with lemon squeezed into it then drank Clean Green at 9am and was almost sick!  The worst tasting thing I've ever tasted I had to block my nose it was that bad but I managed to drink the whole thing.  12pm came and it was time to drink Lets Glow, this one was easier to drink but still not the best thing I've tasted.  Then it was the dreaded 3pm as it was Clean Green time, I blocked my nose yet again and downed it as much as I could... was relieved when I seen the empty bottle.  The last one of the day at 6pm was Berry Good and this tasted good but was a very thick consistency.
I felt full throughout the day and didn't crave food once.  I made sure I kept drinking water but this isn't a problem for me as water is the only thing I drink anyway.

Day two I was at work so was harder to drink the juices at the correct times.  I took a flask to put them in as I knew people would be asking tonnes of questions and couldn't be bothered to repeat myself all day telling people what i'm doing.
I didn't have to block my nose to drink Clean Green this time and drank my juices every three hours when I had time.  When I got home from work at 8pm I was a little peckish so ate a couple of crab sticks which I didn't think would be too bad, this was the hardest day...

I stuck to my juices on day three just like the other days, I finished work at 8pm and went to my boyfriends.  He had cooked me some food, chicken with new potatoes and peppers and had some wine.  

I weighed myself on the fourth day and had lost 6lbs, I would have lost more if I didn't eat those crab sticks and had that meal with wine but I was still pleased.  My belly was much flatter, I felt less bloated, felt much more healthy and skin looked better.
Would I buy this again? honestly no, it's very expensive for what it is... you can buy a cheap juicer for around £30.00 and buy all the ingredients yourself however I do recommend it for those who have very busy lives and need a quick fix.


  1. That's amazing weight loss, I have been struggling losing weight for the past few months. Might just give it a go :)

    Lorraine xx

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  4. Do you know how big the bottles are? Is there anything else in them other than the fruit and veg listed?

  5. Can I make this at home

  6. If I could make this at home that would be great but not sure on amounts of each fruit/veg x


I appreciate all comments :)

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