Thursday, 11 July 2013


 some fab news for Beckys Beautique!

I got back from Las Vegas on Monday morning so i've been very jet lagged... I knew as soon as i'd get back that I should plan on getting a new laptop as the one I have now is all cracked and the USB port is completely f*cked which makes it almost impossible to upload pics from my digi cam which leads to having crappy blog posts...
Today I checked online at laptops and showed the mother some and saw a HP one for around £400 in the sale which I thought was pretty good, she said I could get it today as long as I pay her back when it comes to payday and I was buzzin :D
We went down to PC World and had a mooch before picking up the HP one then we both saw the Apple MAC laptops and I instantly fell in love... there was a MAC book air on sale for £850.00 so I decided to get that one.  I go pick it up in the morning and I can't bloody wait to start blogging properly again, uploading lots of pics and making/editing videos!

Look out for some up coming posts such as;  My Las Vegas trip, makeup tutorials, videos, Las Vegas haul video, hair post etc.


  1. Excited to see your pictures from vegas! I just got back from there too, it was phenomenal!


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